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Before online poker took the world of card games by storm, live poker games were the real deal. Whether you were playing cards at a casino in Las Vegas or you visited your local gambling hub, there was nothing more satisfying to those poker players to feel a deck of cards by their side. Today, although playing poker online is the trend, the demand for authentic poker chips has also increased extensively due to the popularity of the game going high.


If you wish to try something different and organize your own agen balakplay room for fun or serious business reasons, this article is for you. You could arrange for a poker table and the rest of the shtick. But until you do not have the perfect poker chip set, your poker set is incomplete. Those who play live poker on a regular basis will tell you how authentic poker chips feel in their fingers as the game goes on.

This further distinguishes live poker from online poker. Playing with authentic poker chips creates a vibe and a tension as compared to playing with digital ones. That being said, let us now go over everything you need to know before purchasing your own set of professional poker chips.

How Many Authentic Poker Chips to Buy?

Poker chips can be purchased in sets as well as ordered individually. Buying poker chips could get tricky, given the aspect of poker having denominations. In the end, you have to calculate the number of chips you would require based on the type of game you wish to organize and how many participants you expect. Even then, you will always have to purchase extra because, in the case of poker tournaments, there is always the possibility of re-buys. You don’t ever want to run out of poker chips. Averagely speaking, you should at least have 100 chips per player. You could buy anywhere between 500 chips to 1,000 chips to not have any problems at all.

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Weight of Authentic Poker Chips

In terms of weighing poker chips, bear in mind that the lighter they are, the cheaper would their price and quality be. These cheaper chips will work well if you use them occasionally. However, if you wish to organize poker regularly, go for the heavier ones since their make is tough.

Color of Authentic Poker Chips

When it comes to the color of poker chips, it is wise to stick to the industry Daftar Judi Bola Sbobet since it causes smooth play and less confusion. However, personalized poker chips come into the picture for those who prefer to customize. You could also buy plain chips and engrave your own designs and values on them.

Types of Authentic Poker Chips

Let’s go over the four common types of poker chips you are likely to find: plastic, composite, ceramic, and clay chips.

Plastic Poker Chips

There are two common types of plastic chips. The cheaper of the two would be the one commonly found in a round carrier. These can be purchased from any significant chain store. The second would be the diamond chip set, which is also made of plastic, but coms in the size of standard chips, and these are heavier too.

Composite Poker Chips

These are the most common of all poker chip sets used for home games. They can be found in most stores and are usually sold in packages that include packs of cards, dice, and other poker-related items. They are great for low-stake cash games and tournaments.

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Ceramic Poker Chips

These poker sets come with a shine that is hard to ignore. They feel like porcelain, and their detailed texture and designs make them a collector’s jewel. These are often used commonly in most casinos. They are heavier and come at a higher price.

Clay Poker Chips

You cannot ignore clay poker chips, given their elite look and finish. Generally, these are used in classy casino games and are regarded to be the best in the business. They’re made through the compression molding process, ensuring the design is created right into the chip. They are priced at the highest rate and rightfully so.