Ben Affleck Playing Poker – And How Much He Won

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Here is a fact: it is not just us, mere mortal creatures that like to gamble from time to time. There are several celebrities – be them football players, other athletes, singers, actors or any other famous people – who also like to engage in some wagering. There is, for example, Ben Affleck, who – as rumor has it – likes playing poker, and tends to win!

Ben Affleck Playing Poker – And How Much He Won

If you think about it, you might recall that several online gambling news sites in the US deal with stories about football players – and how much they enjoy gambling! They also tend to go to the other extreme with the practice. However, it is not just them, that enjoys a little card game or some agen poker v then and now. There are also other famous people, who are willing to sacrifice some money when it comes to gambling. There is, for example, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tobey Maguire who reportedly likes playing poker. And they say, that back in 2011 there was a poker event where these Hollywood stars all participated. And were huge stakes were at risk.

Why do stars gamble?

You could think for yourself: why do these people even gamble? They have salaries so high that we could never imagine, they have so much money that it is almost impossible to ever spend. So, what is their deal? But the answer is already in there! They have all that money, that they cannot even spend, so they might as well just have some fun with it!

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We can say, that they are not at all playing for the win, they gamble for some other reasons: to get themselves some fun, exciting experiences. And that is exactly what gambling was made for! If you have already forgotten it, you might want to check in on an online poker site in the US, like Intertops Poker, to remind yourself! So, Ben Affleck, DiCaprio, and the others are probably playing poker for the thrill of it. It was the same at the Situs Judi Bola Asia event of 2011.

Celebrity poker parties

ABC News reported that back in 2011 Maguire, DiCaprio, Affleck, and Damon took part in a game. They were “part of high-stakes poker games where tens of thousands of dollars regularly exchanged hands among Hollywood’s biggest stars.” They also reported that it was usually Maguire who won the matches. The star, that had a pretty shady gambling past. They say, he was involved in some underground Texas Hold ‘em games. He even ended up dealing with some legal issues in connection to this. But not everyone is the same in the show business. Ben Affleck was only playing poker and using his actor skills to make the best out of the games. And so he did!

Ben Affleck playing poker

So as the news reported, these movie stars were often playing against each other – before Maguire had his legal issues. There was a match once in 2004, between Affleck and Maguire. In that, Affleck used his ability to bet and to bluff, so he could beat the Spiderman actor, and bring a smaller fortune home! It was a three-day poker tournament in California, where Affleck beat almost 90 people! With that, he earned a seat at the World Poker Tour Championship. But not just that! A massive 356,400-dollar prize also went with the win! Of course, for him, that might not be much, but it is still impressive. But he is not only playing to get some extra, but he is also arranging poker tournaments for good causes. They did that with Matt Damon in 2020, to raise 1.75 million dollars for Feeding America!

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All in all, if you would like to take part in tournaments like that – not necessarily charity ones – you should check out Intertops Poker! You can always find the best deals, bonuses, and tournaments if you are looking for them!