Betting Strategies That Can Increase Your Chances To Win

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A double chance is a bet that you place on two out of three outcomes of a game. This type of bet decreases your risk because it is allowing two out of the three outcomes to be in your favor.

Betting Strategies That Can Increase Your Chances To Win

This type of betting strategy is riskier, you judi taruhan bola on both the halftime and fulltime result. This means you only win the bet if both your bets for half and fulltime are correct. The reason for the popularity of this betting strategy is the high odds.


Handicap bets are used when the favorite is projected to win. The advantage of handicap bettings is that it gives a higher chance to win the bet, but it will decrease your odds if you just backed the team. Handicap gives you an advantage by allowing the underdog to not actually win the game, but you will win the bet. Ex. You bet on a draw but with a handicap of -1. If the favorite wins the game 1-0, you will still win the bet because of the handicap. The handicap of -1 makes it 0-0 thus its a draw.

These are some common betting strategies that will hopefully help you.

Anyway, the key to winning at sport betting is studying match and championship stats; indeed, in order to go a long way with sport betting, it is important to do not bend over on fortune. However, finding detailed information about the matches, such as odds, the lineup of the teams, etc. may be a long and boring activity. So, what can we do about it? Technology gave us a solution: INVICTUS.

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We are talking about the first algorithm in the world that gives you an situs judi bola online stream of sport betting tips, continually new and suitable for all types of devices, will show you in real time what are betting more than 100,000 betting experts all around the world.

Our indexes of reliability will guide you during the choice of bets, by providing you always the right information about our top tipsters and a real-time consulting service on the winning probabilities of your bets. Moreover, our algorithm can recognise your gambling habit, giving you the sport predictions on the basis on your personal tastes and your performance over time.