Betting Strategy For The End Of The Series In Football

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You can often see some teams that win every other battle during several matches. It is noteworthy that bookmakers lower the quotations for every passing match as the chances for this team to win are high considering the previous results.

Betting on such teams is, as a rule, profitable at the end of this series. For example, after three consecutive won matches the team will definitely lead meetings to the draw or will even start losing the following battles. The odds for such outcomes will be over 2-3 which is really rewarding in the long-term.

Betting Strategy For The End Of The Series In Football

It is important to bet with the catch-up strategy agen judi depobos in particular. If the first bet is lost, the amount of the next one must be doubled. If the bet wins, the bettor will gain net profit and compensate for the previous losses.

However, it is essential to say that you should not take pure favourites at national championships as they just can’t lose. It is a good idea to choose average teams that do not go after high places.

“Hand Fan”

This betting strategy involves long-term betting on the winner of a particular tournament. To apply the strategy, you should choose the first places on the list created by bookmakers and to place a few bets. Eventually, considering high quotations, bettors will gain profit if one of the chosen teams wins the tournament.

You should run your own analysis and look at all possible opinions and comments on probable favourites. In this case a bettor can exclude a bunch of teams that are overrated by bookmakers, and the situs judi slot online will increase the revenue.

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“Total Over” after a break in the match

The last strategy is related to betting on goals at the second time. As a rule, the odds for goals after a break are not high (from 1.3 to 1.8). But if you take into account all possible criteria of choice and additional tricks, you can catch high quotations and gain strong earnings in the long-term. The requirements for the choice are the following:

  • Draw (0:0) after the first time in the match with lots of goal moments. If the team have tens of goal moments in the first time but none of them is scored, you should bet on TO 0.5 for this battle;
  • The favourite of the meeting gives up a goal at the first time – it makes sense to place a bet on TO 1.5;
  • The outsider’s footballer is sent away – TO 0.5.
  • Let us also say that in order to increase the odds, you should apply two main approaches:
    Betting 5-10 minutes after the start of the second time. As a rule, teams begin to score starting from the 55th minute of the battle;
  • Instead of TO 0.5 you can choose 1.0. No doubt the refund option is not excluded here, however, these odds will be equal to two consecutive bets. For example, if the odds are 1.4 for TO 0.5, the odds for TO 1.0 will be over two which is equal to two won bets of 1.4 in a row.

Certainly, the quantity of working strategies of football betting is difficult to count and also to check. The enlisted strategies showed their use in the long-term and they are to make a good impression from their further usage in the long-term.

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