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Ultimate Guide to Online Poker Trusted

Playing Poker online should be fun for the player but you can’t concentrate on enjoying the game if you’re concentrating on how the game is played.

Ultimate Guide to Online Poker Trusted

Understanding the rules of Poker youbetcash is very important as it will prevent inappropriate gambling and allow the player to relax into the game whilst still standing a good chance of making a profit.

Playing Live Poker

Live tables have added a human element to the online agen judi bola that has been severely lacking thanks to faceless, digital dealers handling the cards on many Poker simulators. Being able to see the dealer themselves gives the game more of the realism a player will get from playing Poker in a brick and mortar casino.

Playing Poker Simulators

Some players do prefer the wholly digital versions of Poker and there are plenty to choose from online. No matter your preference on rules or stake limits; there’s a Poker simulator to suit your needs and budget available via almost every online casino.

Online Poker Gambling Advice

It’s never wise to play Poker online without a good grasp of the way the game is played in terms of gambling. Spend your time and research the game of Poker further; you’ll be a card sharp in no time at all.

It can be a straight forward game wherein players must match the staked amount if they are to continue playing; or go all in if the wagered value exceeds their total chips.

Always avoid going all in online as players use the heavy betting as a tactic to deter players from matching them. The absence of face to face gambling has led players to develop alternative bluffing and intimidation tactics to push lower stakes players into folding.

That is the information we can convey Ultimate Guide to Online Poker Trusted, hopefully you can always get more luck in the easiest way and win bets continuously with ease. Hopefully the articles that have been created can be of use to all readers and can serve as guidelines in playing your gambling bets.

How to Beat Types of Online Poker Players Trusted

In the family of card games, poker is a very popular game that is played all over the world. There are so many variations in this game and players as well. At every poker table you will see most probably different types of poker players that have some particular characteristics.

If you will know them and their personality, you will be able to deal and beat them in a better way. Typical rookie players are known as loose-passive players link alternatif youbetcash and the best way to beat them is to bet into them when you have a respectable hand and refrain from bluffing. Those poker players who have very aggressive style of play are known as loose-aggressive players. For these types of poker players, you need patience and just wait for strong hands.

The best tip for beating loose-aggressive players is patience. Those who are very straightforward players are called tight-passive players. These players play honest games and are very honest to read. The best way to beat these types of players is to take many small pots when you get them and then protect them when player becomes aggressive.

How to Beat Types of Online Poker Players Trusted

The most booming player on the poker table is tight-aggressive player and it is very tricky to beat such players. They like strong hands as well as good positions on the table. Although it is difficult to beat them, but it’s not impossible. You can beat them by continuously mixing up your game. You should use different styles of play because such players who rotate their styles can beat tight-aggressive players.

Some double-barreled players cannot fire third bullet. bola deposit pulsa tight-aggressive players can be beaten by bluffing them when they don’t fire the third bullet. So you can beat such players by changing your own style of play and taking advantage of those who don’t fire third bullet when their hands are weak. Some other types of poker players include the recreational gamblers, the high roller, the gentleman gambler, scared money player, the properly bankrolled player and the overly bankrolled player.

All these types of players have their own unique characteristics and there are different strategies and tips that can be useful to beat them. Plenty of information is available about all types of players so before playing the poker game, it is better to get detailed information about types of players in order to win the game.

Reasons Confident That Online Poker is Better Than Video Poker

What do you personally think – poker or video poker? What do you enjoy at most – playing poker in the internet or sitting on a real casino video poker table? What do you play at most – poker dewaqq online3 or clicking on VP buttons waiting for the luck to sit on your shoulder?

Reasons Confident That Online Poker is Better Than Video Poker

Actually, these questions don’t matter fontana99 as much as the question which is better to play for a win matters. In this article we will show you 4 reasons to believe that online poker is definitely better than video poker:

  1. If you want a quicker win, you should definitely count on the online poker. Please, note that you should wait for more than half a day for a video poker tournament to end, while if you are a regular poker judi online terbaik invited player, you play nearly 20 hands per a tournament, which is nearly an hour or two.
  2. On mandatory, if you look for lower stakes, then you will need the online poker alternative. Don’t even try to delude yourself that a real ground casino video poker game will “appreciate and accept” you if your bankroll budget is more of a limited one rather than suitable for a Las Vegas casino.
  3. It’s easier and more convenient to look for a website with poker games that checking out the different poker rooms in the real world. Actually, it’s not even faster and easier. It’s also very convenient. Last, but not least, it’s also safer. And safety in gambling is an agenda priority, isn’t it? Do you fight for it? If no, scams and frauds have been waiting for you to rob you.
  4. There’s one great feature in the online poker platforms – it’s the chance to check out and even track the history of hands. At first, the option was available only for your own activity and it was tracing only past events. However, today, we are able even to track your opponent’s moves and hands during the last deals of a single poker tournament. That’s a great thing you cannot find in any video poker provider, can you? In live internet poker it’s going to be a great opportunity for you to bluff and make as great strategies for a win as possible.

These reasons, of course, are not exceptional or the only motivation factors for you to choose traditional online poker rather than video poker. We are sure that most of you have already measures why internet poker is such a great thing. And we would be happy to hear you reasons to prefer online poker to video poker.

Crazy Facts About Poker You Didn’t Know

Knowing that poker bluff is only for masters or poker ace as one of the most reliable gambling houses for all poker formats is not enough to call yourself a poker pro. Actually, besides the rules and some of the most effective poker tips, it’s a must for you to brag about some general poker culture.

Crazy Facts About Poker You Didn’t Know

If you want to have rich poker culture you should fontana99 also know some background and curious facts about poker. It’s a golden ticket for you to appear in a secret poker society where you will learn even more for your most beloved game. It’s also a factor to increase your own self-confidence in gambling.

So if you want to learn some interesting facts about poker, below we have gathered some of the craziest among them:

  • The biggest poker win was registered during the 55th event of WSOP poker conference. The total amount of the income for the lucky guy was 18 346 673 USD. And the name of the lucky guy is Antonio Esfandiari. The curious think about the guy is that he’s indeed, a professional player, but far away from the best participants who signed in WSOP 55 rolet online.
  • The poker game appeared in New Orleans. However, the first players of poker in this city were classical French gamblers. They actually called poker game with the French name poque. It took only a year for the French founders of the legendary poker game to meet the local English-speaking citizens with its rules and to make them love the game.
  • It’s very common for poker pros and poker teachers to say that royal flush is a very rare think and you shouldn’t count on it. As a matter of fact, it’s not as rare as they think. For instance, all poker specialists say that the chance to have a royal flush is 649.740:1. However, the reality is different. This odd has been made by having in mind the poker game with 5 cards. If you play, though a 7-card poker format – for example, Texas Hold Em, which is one of the top rated ever – you will get a better chance for a flush royal: 30.931:1.
  • About 10% of the poker players from all over the world are 100% confident that if there’s a dog nearby you when playing, you will be twice luckier in your game. Although dog has never been considered to be the luckiest animal ever (unlike the elephant or the golden fish, for instance), in poker, it’s one of the most common lucky charms ever.
  • There’s a drunk poker hand. It’s called in the honor of the popular whiskey Jack Daniels. The name comes from the whiskey brand abbreviation – J7 – and as you can think of the hand contains 7 and J.

That is the information we can convey Crazy Facts About Poker You Didn’t Know, hopefully you can always get more luck in the easiest way and win bets continuously with ease. Hopefully the articles that have been created can be of use to all readers and can serve as guidelines in playing your gambling bets.

Increase Your Knowledge About Online Poker

Playing poker in the internet is not about finding a decent website like poker ace 99, open an account in it with a decent deposit in your balance and then discovering the best strategy to get extra cash for your budget. It’s also about having passion for the game.

Increase Your Knowledge About Online Poker

This passion can be understood as many things and in solaire99 many aspects. Some people understand it like never to stop learning new tactics. Others understand the passion for poker like getting enriched about its culture and story, too.

If you are one of the people from the second group, don’t stop reading and increase your knowledge about online poker with the following facts:

  1. Poker game – the way we know it today – was officially standardized in the middle of the previous century. However, the first roots of the game date from the Asian cultures, around the 7th century according to a group of scientists.
  2. Video poker is the only poker format when you can judi casino online playing against other players if you love the game, but feel inexperienced in competing with other players. Video poker games by the way are very similar to the slot machines. However, video poker games have one benefit that the slots cannot achieve – a great and extra high RTP.
  3. One of the worst fears for a poker pro is to be disclosed. In other words, there are a lot of players who believe that if someone finds out their styles at the table they will lose. The poker gurus who write, though, books and stats about poker game in the internet claim the contrary thing. There’s no evidence according to which if some pro’s style has been exposed, he’s going to lose. On the contrary, sometimes, he even wins after such a disclosure.
  4. The worst myth about poker is that when played online it’s rigged like all of the other popular gambling products in the web. Some conspiracy theories say that at a poker table there’s always a poker bot or a poker player, who works in the sake of the company’s profit.
  5. Controlling your emotions is the hardest skill a poker player eventually acquires. A lot of poker gurus say that within the years all players can reach the level of a pro player. What’s usually left for the end of their progress is the possibility to control their emotions.

Did you know these facts? Do you want to learn even more amazing things about your favorite game, the poker game in the internet? Stay with us and we will keep informing you!

Online Poker: How to be a Pro

Playing online poker can be considered harder than the real thing, as you do not see your opponents face to face. However, there is more than meets the eye, and becoming a pro will take a lot of patience and trial and error.

Online Poker: How to be a Pro

There are no guaranteed ways to help you towards success, so you will have to pave your own path.

Manage Your Day

Becoming a pro will take solaire99 time, and unless you know how to manage your time, you will be only wasting it. Find the right mix of work, play, and rest. After all, you will have other chores and duties to look into before you can sit down and play a few rounds of poker. And, it is never good if someone interrupts you, so privacy here is very important.

Do Not Exceed Your Limits

If you want to be good at what you do, then finding what you can be better in is a good thing. And, if you want to keep making money, you should avoid getting into the highest tier as long as possible. Finding that you could do better is a good thing, but if you want to keep making money, and if you want to be good at what you do, you should avoid getting into the higher tier as long as possible. The Peter Principle is a phenomenon that will burden you and it will make you start losing money like never before. Keep your ego in check, and make sure to play where you can make money.

Set Up a Pre-Game Routine

Treat playing online poker like you are going to work. There will be certain rituals you will have to follow in order to stay good at your game. Making a rhythm you can follow will essentially help you stay more focused, and judi online terpercaya  put you in the zone to decipher what your next move should be. A pre-game routine will help you prepare for the expected, and that you can gear up and channel your mind to play the best round of poker.

Find What You Are Good At

Instead of hopping from one game to another, you should find what you are good at and stick with it. Developing a strategy for a single game type will help you immensely, as you will know the inside outs of almost every move. And, before you know it, you will be able to anticipate moves in advance, making your poker experience better and more enjoyable. With a selection of online pokies to choose from, make sure to try them before you settle for one.

It Is You against the World

Keep in mind that in poker there are no friends. You are alone against everyone else, and the sooner you realize that, the easier it will be to win your next hand. After all, you are in the game for winnings and not just for fun. Making money requires you to make some risky decisions, but unless you do it, you cannot hope to win big.

Becoming a pro is not a walk in the park, and you will have to make sacrifices. Patience will be your best friend, and you will have to spend time practicing and coming up with strategies that could help you win more easily. Though, remember that getting into the right Zen mindset will be crucial, if you want to avoid any hindrances and focus more on winning. Repetition might seem dull, but it will be necessary to perfect your game.

Awesome Poker Tricks You Should Know

Poker players sometimes use dirty tactics to distract other players’ attention during crucial phases of the game. Competing against other players means that you have to perform well or risk losing your hard-earned cash and leaving empty-handed. It can be challenging to handle the pressure given all of these tricks used by unscrupulous poker players.

Awesome Poker Tricks You Should Know

These tricks can be difficult to master at poker deposit pulsa tables. Learning how to play the right cards and calculate the odds of winning can help you increase your chances of winning. These skills are often overlooked by players who rely on their mental manipulations to win games. These top poker tips are available to you in poker games.

Pause Trick

These tricks can be challenging to master, but once you do, they will become instrumental. These techniques can be beneficial for those who are not experts in the game. Pausing is a risky tactic, but it can prove to be very useful if used correctly. This will make you appear to be thinking and not distracted by other players. This tactic is common among players who take too much time to make decisions. It is an error that many players make. This means it is essential to highlight the best time to do the trick while playing the game.

Staring Trick

Most players use this trick to count their chips and verify their hole cards. You can appear confused by asking the dealer questions. This trick keeps everyone guessing. They should be able to pick which cards you have. Staring is a common tactic that allows people to see what’s there. To see if their opponents are lying or if they have cards, many players look at them. bandar bola online experienced players wear sunglasses to avoid this effect. This trick has a drawback. It would be difficult to use the trick on more than one person. It is essential to be more cautious.

Distraction Trick

Distracting other players is a skill that many players have mastered. This is done to distract other players and can cause them to lose concentration. Distracting them is a good idea when consistency is the most important thing. This can be done by asking questions or making noises about crucial times to distract them from their current activities. Players may ask questions, laugh, cry, or discuss the moment.

Distractions can be used to distract from conversations with other players. You can talk to other players and most people will hear you. This trick is the easiest. People are prone to pay attention to what is happening around them. If other players are enthusiastic about the trick, it is a sign that it is working.

Mind Control Trick

These tricks can be very effective but also dirty. They can be challenging to learn when and how to use. They will have a less practical effect if it is not apparent. Other players will notice your tactics and be more willing to assist you. Mind control techniques have been used to win many games, which some players would not have won if they didn’t know. This means you can increase your chances of winning if they get upset. This skill can cause whole tables to lose focus, which can significantly impact your game.

Top Skills to Master for Winning Poker

The casino industry has successfully proven its influence ever since its services moved to the virtual world. Many new people keep coming to try out their online games and start gambling, either for having fun or winning cash. In this case, those newbies mostly feel that poker is the most intriguing casino game to try.

Top Skills to Master for Winning Poker

Understandably, starting out playing poker might often drain the players as they have a tough time adapting to the game rules while trying not to lose big money from their pocket. Therefore, you need to keep practicing and be patient while applying several essential tips given by Every Thing For Dads.

Besides, if you want to ace idn poker and eventually win the game, you need to master only three simple skills, as presented in this article below. Those three core poker skills are math, discipline, and psychology that will help you to be on your way to success very quickly. They do so because mastering these skills will indicate you will probably be able to read game situations and capitalize on minutes that might be enough for you.


The primary skill you have to acquire is fundamental math. It does so because a fantastic poker player will understand the probabilities within the game, including specific card compositions. Along with other card games, poker has mainly focused on expectations and link alternatif sbobet. Comprehending the best timing to fold and call the bet would be naturally in your skill after knowing the probability to hit the flush or river card. Unfortunately, inadequate poker players neglect this aspect of the game and consequently suffer the results. Don’t be one of these players, and make sure you understand the odds and thrive under them.


Besides math, discipline would be the second skill you have to master for acing poker. Everyone knows that poker is a game of excellent patience, and for this patience, strong discipline is crucial. Don’t play loose and use unnecessary bets after the situation doesn’t warrant it. The poker player who masters math and comprehends situations well will only take the game’s advantage to their benefit.


Reading your opponents and predicting their next moves is perhaps the most necessary skill of all. If you are a psychology expert in poker, you might be able to read your opponent’s card in their hand. Besides, you can guess your opponent’s strategy regarding their cards and opponent cards. Accurate prediction of these three can give you a significant advantage over your other opponents in a poker game. It can be even more crucial in no-limit games than in limit games, as bluffing is much more common.

How to Triple Your Profits at Micro Poker Games With 3 Simple Strategies

The micro stakes poker tables. This is where you can play online for amounts of money as low as $2. You will also find some of the softest competition on earth here.

How to Triple Your Profits at Micro Poker Games With 3 Simple Strategies

This is indeed the place where it all started for most of us. But unfortunately for most people, they never get beyond these limits. And this is too bad because not only does agen judi idn poker become a lot more fun as you move up the stakes and start playing for bigger amounts of money, but you can of course profit a lot more as well.

A consistent winning player at mid or high stakes can make a very nice side income or even enough to replace a high-paying day job. This is simply not possible at the micros.

I’m going to give you 3 simple strategies, that if used correctly, will triple your results at the micros and finally get you on the fast track to bigger and better things in this game.

Play a Loose and Aggressive Strategy

Most people are taught from day one in poker to play tight and cautious. Only put big money into the pot with a really strong hand they are told. Play your cards “close to the vest” and so on. The problem with this approach though is that it is exactly what everybody else is doing these days as well.

So in an environment like this you aren’t going to really get ahead by doing what everybody else is doing. If you do what they do, you will get their results, which is breakeven or small winner at best.

Attacking the pervasive weakness of most of today’s micro stakes players

The biggest winners at the micros these days know that a loose and aggressive (also called LAG) strategy is the best way to truly crush these games. The reason why is because it attacks the main weakness of everybody else, playing too cautious and timid. And the beautiful thing about poker is that we all know how hard it is to make a really strong hand. They just don’t come around very often.

For instance, you will only get dealt AA once every 220 hands and you will only flop a flush with two suited cards once every 118 hands. Heck, with a random hand 2 out of 3 times you won’t even flop anything at all! So what this ultimately means is that there is absolutely tons of dead money out there which is up for grabs. And the person who wants to fight for it the most is going to win it. And that is exactly what a LAG strategy is perfect for.

What does “play LAG” actually mean in practice?

Steal the Blinds Frequently

If you are at a table full of tight players you can raise it up with a huge amount of hands especially if it is folded to you in late position. Often if it is folded to me on the button and there are two tight players left to act in the blinds I will raise the top 50% of hands dealt to me.

Apply Constant Pressure After the Flop

The next thing you want to do is take every opportunity you can to bet at the pot after the flop. This is especially the case when you are only against one player. And you don’t have to bet a large amount either. 50% of the pot is fine in most cases.

What this constant pressure does is force a weak/tight player to have a decent hand to continue. And we already know that most of the time they won’t have one.

Profitable Adjustments to Make For Fast-Fold Online Poker

Keep reading for simple fast-fold poker strategy tips that you can easily incorporate into your next playing session to maximize your profits.

Greatly Increase Your Blind Steals in fast-fold Poker

It’s virtually impossible to pick up specific reads and tendencies of other players in fast-fold situs judi terpercaya. The fact that your opponents change with every hand and that you have no time to jot down player notes prevents player familiarity. Use this anonymity to your advantage whenever you’re in late position.

The other players have no idea that you’ve stolen the blinds with 6-2 for 5 consecutive hands on the blinds. At a traditional cash game table your opponents will easily see through your blind-stealing attempts and come back over the top of you after a while.

In fast-fold poker, even if the blinds suspect you’re on a pure steal just about everyone’s fast-fold poker strategy is to wait for quality hands in proper position. With another hand (or 5) just split seconds away why bother to contest the blinds? In fast-fold it’s unusually easy to rob the blinds.

1. Lightning-paced blinds in fast-fold

With the blinds hitting you so much faster and you likely folding almost all of your hands it’s essential to recoup that cost. My fast-fold poker strategy is to raise 80-90% of the time from the last 2-3 positions when no one has entered the pot, including on typically-loose USA sites like Ignition Poker.

Conversely, you can increase your re-steals of raised pots from the button or blinds to pick up some extra bets against other players trying the same thing.

2. Don’t Waste Your Energy on Advanced Plays

The majority of fast-fold poker strategy centers around the relative anonymity inherent to making decisions in situs judi bola terbesar seconds and being whisked away to a new table full of different players.

Strategy for standard cash games dictates that you should:

  • Mix up your betting patterns
  • Throw in the occasional bluff
  • Trap aggressive players with check-raises or reraises
  • Make other creative plays to keep your opponents from predicting your game.

Your fast-fold poker strategy can toss these opponent-specific strategy out the window. Why traditional strategy doesn’t matter

Hands go by too quickly and your opponents change so frequently that no one is going to know that you always raise 3x the big blind with pocket Aces from early position. You won’t know who has been trying to run over the table and no one will notice that you haven’t pulled off a big bluff since 2007.

This game type removes the human element from play and the necessity of advanced plays is also removed. Focus on making good decisions based on the limited information available rather than worrying about mixing up your game.

3. Gain Information from Opponents Using Fast-fold

Fast-fold poker strategy is all about seeing as many profitable hands as possible in the shortest amount of time. This is accomplished by the fast-fold button, which tells the software to automatically fold your hand when it’s your turn while you’re immediately whisked away to a new table.

Perceptive players can also use this tidbit to gain additional pre-flop information. There’s a reason players haven’t already used the fast-fold option

While late position and small-blind players may have simply been waiting to see if everyone folded so they could attempt a blind steal once they do stay in a pot (especially if it’s raised) it’s much more clear-cut that they have a legitimate starting hand themselves.

The same could be said for standard cash games, but players tend to be much tighter with their fast-fold poker strategy due to the fact that they might only have to wait a minute or two for a quality starting hand as opposed to 10 or 20 in a standard game.

4. Adjust to the Increasing Tightness of Fast-fold

As much as we don’t care to admit it frustration, boredom, and revenge (really, tilt, in other words) absolutely contributes to the looseness of standard cash games. While you certainly can get lucky in fast-fold poker and run into a tilted player it’s much more common to run into the same tight-aggressive players as yourself.

To start with, understand that the average starting hand value goes up. Everyone knows that another hand is just a second away so they wait until they have a better hand, on average, than they might at a standard cash game.

Additionally, if you’re used to just betting and betting with pot-sized bets when you have a strong hand post-flop you might wish to alter that for your fast-fold poker strategy.

5. Position and Starting Hands Become Even More Crucial

Just about every poker player understands the massive value position and starting hand strength have in No-Limit Hold’em. Combined with knowledge of your opponents’ tendencies, your image at the table, and the flow of the game you can make reasonably well-informed decisions at standard tables.

You can throw out that last sentence in fast-fold poker strategy where you can’t establish a player image or stick with the same players long enough to learn their habits. In fast-fold poker position and starting hand strength are some of the only keys you can use to gain an advantage. Smart pre-flop play is essential

In standard games you might be a bit more lax on playing out of position or waiting for premium cards if you know you’ll outplay the rest of the table post-flop.

If your fast-fold poker strategy includes habitually playing poor starting hands out of position you’re simply putting yourself at a disadvantage for the rest of the hand against unknown opponents. You’ll also be faced with difficult decisions that slow down your game.

Powerful Tips to Dominate Local Poker Tournaments

If you’ve been playing poker online for some time or have been watching poker on TV and are considering taking a shot at local poker tournaments, this guide should help you start on the right foot.

Powerful Tips to Dominate Local Poker Tournaments

Regardless of whether you’ve gained some experience on the virtual felt or caught a poker bug watching televised games, there are almost certainly segments of play you will need to adjust to dominate local poker tournaments.

Once you get your feet wet, you will quickly realize that poker played in a small local room is much different from the one played during the EPT Main Event.

1. Arm yourself with a lot of patience

Do you think that some players take way too long to act during big live events or when playing online?

Ignore the playground antics

One thing you need to understand is that most players will know each other and these tournaments are their playground. Even the fairest of tournament directors can’t do much about it. Players will argue, laugh, and take a really long time to fold, simply to annoy others or just for the heck of it.

I’m not saying that this is the situation in every small link alternatif poker139 room you step your foot in, but it will happen often enough that you will need a lot of patience to dominate local poker tournaments. Forget about EPTs and WPTs, adjust to the situation, and don’t let it annoy you. Yes, it slows down the game and makes already short blind levels even shorter, but that’s a reality of the situation.

Poker is all about adjusting to new situations and this is no different. As long as you’re aware of the situation and don’t let it influence your game you’ll be just fine.

2. Stay focused on the actual tournament

As already mentioned, local poker bandar sbobet can become quite hectic. There will be laughing, yelling, drinking, and a whole bunch of other distractions.

If you are new to this environment, you can find it hard to really stay focused on the game. Tune out the Kassoufs, you may or may not be clued in about the whole Main Even and Will Kassouf situation. At the WSOP, there will be a tournament director to try and keep people in check. At a local tournament, be prepared to handle several Kassoufs at your table!

On your path to dominate local poker tournaments, you will need to learn how to put all these distractions aside and fully focus on the task ahead: winning. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t also have fun while playing, but if you are there to win money, you will gain a tremendous edge by focusing on the actual game.

Patterns become clear with focus

By focusing on the game you’ll not only be able to play your hands correctly, but you’ll also start noticing patterns in terms of bet sizing and the general mannerism of other players. Live tells may have a limited value, but there is a lot of information just waiting to be utilized.

3. Forget about fancy moves against low-level players

When trying to dominate local poker tournaments, straightforward and simple poker will be your best friend. I’m not suggesting you should play the ABC formulaic style that was popular 20 years ago, but fancy moves, for the most part, will not work to your advantage.

Consider increasing your bet size to isolate

For example, three-betting light to isolate a player in position will probably work in an EPT event. In a small buy-in, local event, it is not at all unusual to see four people behind simply flat call your three-bet and you end up playing a five or six way bloated pot with a mediocre hand.

This is especially true during early levels when blinds are small. Most players will want to see the flop and given the fact they still have a lot of chips in front of them, they will not be sorry to put some of them to work.

You may be surprised to see someone flopping a full house with J-5, but first of all – they were suited, and secondly, you didn’t bet that much.

4. Know when to ramp up the aggression in tournaments

While fancy moves are not recommended, knowing when to ramp up the aggression is key. Many players frequenting local tournaments are there every day. They will be looking to make money at all costs. They are not even playing to win – they are playing to cash – and you can take advantage of that fact.

Don’t be afraid to shove those chips in over limpers or even over a late position raise. You aren’t playing online at Ignition Poker against anonymous reckless players.

You don’t have to do it with any two, but there is no reason not to shove a hand with decent equity like 9-10 suited over three limpers. Most of the time, everyone will fold, and when you happen to run into a really big hand that simply can’t fold, you will still have decent chance of winning.

A couple of uncontested pots like these can quickly take you from a short stack to being really well positioned on the leaderboard in these fast structures. To dominate local poker tournaments, you need to think differently than most players at the table. They will often play to cash; you need to play to win and this will pay off handsomely.

Powerful Techniques to “Beat The Fish” at Poker Games

With the surge that online poker has experienced in recent years the industry is at an all-time high. Whether players specialize in Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, or even 5 Card Draw, a full table is never more than a walk from the couch away.

Powerful Techniques to “Beat The Fish” at Poker Games

Unfortunately, experienced poker139 players have almost shied away from the online poker infiltration because of the recent influx of inexperienced poker players.

Anyway, while these unsuspecting players will often pay off better players with big hands, they will also draw out on those better players against the odds. Not only can this cost you a big chunk of your stack, it can cost you your patience and discipline as you go from proper poker play to the dreaded land of tilt – a situation where poker players lose their cool and thus play poorly after a bad beat.

Where Did Online Poker Fish Come From?

The explosion of televised poker tournaments and lipstick cameras has ushered in a new era of poker popularity. Thousands of new players flocked to the game, mainly the Texas Hold ’em variation, hoping to emulate their TV heroes for fame and fortune.

The logical starting place would be the local cardroom, where new players can try to improve their game against real players. Unfortunately, casinos don’t exist in many places of the country. Others may feel too intimidated to enter a physical cardroom for the first time.

Enter online poker

Beginning in the early 2000s, startup companies taruhan bola terpercaya to cash in on poker’s new popularity and create online poker rooms. New poker prospects could play online anonymously from anywhere at anytime. Just fund your account, choose your game, and play your cards against thousands of real players from all over the world.

Over these 4 years, online poker has become a booming industry. New players who’ve just watched Daniel Negreanu crush the competition at a WPT event rush over to their computers to deposit with the poker room with the coolest commercial. Thousands of inexperienced players can enter any online game so long as they have the buy-in.

Enter the fish

This is the new breed of online player. They’ve watched Chris Moneymaker take home a couple million bucks by putting in his whole stack with nothing. They’ve watched professionals raise with A-5 offsuit from late position and catch two fives on the flop. Why can’t they do it, too?

How many times have you been on Party Poker playing $1-2 No-Limit Hold ’em and raised 4x the big blind with A-K and get called by A-5 only to watch the flop come A-6-5 rainbow. “Great!”, you’re thinking as you reraise your clueless opponent for all his chips. You don’t catch a K on the turn or river and you’re left wondering why he stayed in the hand at all.

You try to shrug it off and you get dealt pocket Aces the very next hand. Your fishy buddy has position on you so you just call the big blind from early position. Everyone folds to him who makes the minimum raise.

Anyway, everyone folds back to you and you just call the minimum raise hoping to trap the fish. The flop comes J-4-9 rainbow. Another seemingly great flop for you. You make a good pot-sized bet here and the fish comes over the top and raises you for all you’ve got! You decide to call as he turns over J-2 offsuit.

Finally you’ve got him! The turn brings a K and the river brings a deuce. You pound your computer monitor as you click to exit the poker room. You’re down $400 with two premium hands.

“Why me?”, you ask the Poker Gods in the sky. It happens. These are real hands that I’ve been involved in, and something similar will probably happen to you (if it hasn’t already) if you play online poker much. My goal is to teach you how to keep these situations to a minimum, and if it does happen anyway, how to deal with it without blowing off anymore of your chips.

The Ultimate Texas Hold’em Odds Calculator

Is that mediocre hand you can’t resist a favorite against what your opponents typically play? Was your winning hand actually a good play for the pot odds you got, or did you just get lucky? This calculator was custom-developed by Beat The Fish for accuracy and ease of use. Simply select your cards, your opponents’ cards, and any community cards to simulate a poker hand. It will automatically calculate the odds of each poker hand to win, lose, or tie.

The Ultimate Texas Hold’em Odds Calculator

You can insert as many opponents and community cards as you’d like and the odds software will instantly update based on the new scenario. Click the X above a player’s hand to remove it or the Clear All button at the top to start the hand over completely.

How is a Texas Hold’em poker odds calculator useful

A poker odds calculator shows you the exact odds of your hand winning in any scenario. For example, you can give yourself pocket Aces, opponent 1 pocket Kings, and opponent 2 pocket Queens. The poker odds software will then calculate how often each hand wins.

Simulate an instant example hand

For example, let’s say you had a key hand come up where you called a pot-sized bet on the turn with a flush draw against an opponent that ended up having top pair. You can set the calculator to determine the odds of you winning with that flush draw and compare that to the pot odds you received.

If the poker domino qq online hand simulator says you only win the hand 19% (4 to 1 odds) of the time, but you had to call a pot-sized bet to see the river (2 to 1 pot odds), then you shouldn’t have made the call. You can also use the poker calculator to help commit common odds and situations to memory. For example, you can run simulations of straight, flush, or other draws to get a feel for how often they’ll mathematically be completed over the long sbobet online.

Why do you need to know poker odds

Besides reviewing your poker play later to see if you made the correct play based on the actual odds, you should memorize the most important odds for use while you play.

If you have a drawing hand, such as a flush or straight draw, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the correct price on your bet or call compared to the odds of making your hand.

How do you figure out pot odds in poker

Pot odds in poker simply means the “price” that it costs you to continue with your hand.

For example, if you’re in a hand where the pot is $100 and your opponent bets $50, you’re getting 3 to 1 pot odds to call. The pot is $150 (the $100 that’s already there plus the $50 bet) and it costs $50 to continue. Divide the $150 by $50 to get 3.

You say that number “to 1” and those are your pot odds. Understanding pot odds is an essential poker concept because you should always compare the odds of making a drawing hand against the pot odds you’re actually receiving.

What are poker outs? Poker “outs” are cards to come that will improve your hand.

For example, if you have a Flush Draw on the flop, you have 9 outs to complete. There are 13 cards in each suit minus the 4 you already know about (your 2 hole cards plus 2 on the flop of the same suit).

Another example is 8 outs for an Open-Ended Straight Draw (4 of each card above and below your draw that will complete the Straight). There would be 1 out for a Set to turn into Four of a Kind because there’s just one more of that card value left in the deck.

The 2-Step Method for Avoiding Fatal Poker Pot Odds Mistakes

In this reference article, I’d like to explain the concept of pot odds including what it is, how to calculate it, and why it’s important to you as a smart poker player.

The 2-Step Method for Avoiding Fatal Poker Pot Odds Mistakes

While many poker authors, television commentators, and professional players will talk about getting “the right price on a call” or getting the right odds on a play, what exactly are they referring to and how can you come to the same conclusion when playing for yourself?

These terms all relate to pot odds so I hope to help you understand this essential poker fundamental with the following questions and answer article.

What are “pot odds”?

Pot odds are simply the odds domino qq online that the pot is giving you on your play. For example, if the pot is $10 and it costs you $2 to call, you are getting 5:1 (spoken “5 to 1”) pot odds. In this instance, it costs you $2 for the chance to win $10.

If you’re playing in a live game or on a site that doesn’t show the active pot amount you’ll need to include all money that has been bet instead of just the money sitting in the pot from previous betting rounds.

How do I calculate pot odds?

Using simple addition and division you can at least approximate your pot odds at any given moment. While it may seem intimidating, all sbobetasia login have to do is divide the pot by the amount it costs you to call.

If you’re in a big hand and the pot is $90 on the flop and your lone opponent bets $10 into you, you divide 100 (the existing $90 plus your opponent’s $10) by 10 (the 10 it costs you to call) to come up with 10. You’re getting 10 to 1 pot odds to make the call.

At least give yourself an approximation

Even if the numbers aren’t as simple, try estimating to get an approximate idea of your odds. If the pot is $85 and you have to call a $20 bet, the exact odds are 4.25 to 1.

Instead of taking the time to figure that out, you know that it is much closer to 4 (4×20=80) than 5 (5×20=100) so you’ll give yourself pretty close pot odds by simply figuring that call as 4:1. Again, just divide the total pot by the amount it costs you to call.

How are pot odds useful

Without any context pot odds sounds like an interesting mathematical quirk of an inherently mathematical game. However, when you begin to compare the pot odds you’re getting with the actual odds of making your hand, they actually become very useful.

Completing a four-flush

For example, on the flop you know that you are approximately a 2:1 underdog of making your open-ended straight or completing your four-flush by the river. If you didn’t know that you might want to review my Texas Hold’em Odds page first.

If you have an open-ended straight draw and are facing a $5 bet into a $20 pot, you’re getting 4:1 pot odds. This means that you need to make your hand 1 out of 5 times to make a profit. Since you’ll make your straight 1 out of 3 times by the river, this is an easy call.

Pot odds with a set vs. made flush

Another example would be hitting a set on the flop with 3 suited cards on the board. For this scenario let’s assume that your opponent already has a completed flush. If your opponent bets out $30 and makes the pot $110, you should probably call.

In this situation, you’re getting almost 4:1 pot odds on your money and the odds of making a full house by the river are about 2:1. You’re essentially the one drawing at this point, but he’s given you the right odds to do so.

However, if you knew your opponent had a small flush and he bet out $140 to make the pot $220, you may want to dump the hand. You need to call $140 for the chance to win $220, or only about 1.5:1 pot odds when the actual odds of making a full house by the river are about 2:1.

Hoping for a set on the flop with a pocket pair

Finally, an extremely common draw in no-limit Hold’em is playing any pocket pair preflop with the hope of making a set on the flop. The actual odds of making your set on the flop are about 7.5:1 – not very good at all.

However, when lots of players limp in and the pot slowly grows the pot odds on your call begin to make it more worthwhile.

While you’ll rarely be receiving 7.5:1 or better pot odds the return on your play becomes much better when the pot grows in relation to the small amount required to call. Of course, implied odds can also enter the equation, which is a powerful but unreliable concept.

Simple Ways to Win More Betting Out Your Draws

Perhaps one of the best ways you can both get value on your draws, confuse your opponents, and take down a fair share of pots uncontested is to bet out on your straight and flush draws on the flop.

Simple Ways to Win More Betting Out Your Draws

Of course, you should follow some guidelines and mix up your play to avoid giving gameplay tells to your opponents but I have found this, if done properly, to be an excellent weapon at the tables – especially No-Limit Hold’em cash games.

First of all, there are 3 possibilities you would like to accomplish by betting with your draws on the flop:

  • Getting proper value when your draws hit
  • Winning the pot right away
  • Gaining a free card on the turn

How do you go about accomplishing these goal?

Position is essential when betting your draws

You always want to act after your opponents judi poker online, which gives you the most power and control in the hand. You can get into trouble if you get raised by a powerhouse hand behind you so I wouldn’t recommend betting your draws very often with more than one player to act after you.

You can do this successfully with any number of opponents in the hand, but realize that you probably won’t win the pot on the flop against several players since one of them is likely to have a decent situs judi bola resmi.

Limit Example

With limit ring games, you won’t be able to control the odds as much as no-limit ring games since you are, by definition, limited in what you can bet.

Let’s say that you just called the big blind from the button with: Ah-9h. The flop comes out 5h-Jh-2s and there are 3 other limpers in the pot. If you get checked to, try betting. If there is a minimum bet out already, raise it.

Hopefully you don’t get reraised. If you do, you’ll have to make the call anyway because of the pot odds. You have position and the nut flush draw. If you hit another heart on the turn, bet/raise it again.

If you don’t, hopefully you get checked to out of fear and you can check on behind them and see the river for free. Simple.

No-Limit Example

However, where you can really make big bucks with this move is in no-limit ring games. Let’s say that you called a minimum raise of $4 from the button in a $1/2 NL ring game with Jd-10d. There are 2 others that stay in to see a flop of Qd-10h-4d and a $12 pot. This is a great spot to semi-bluff with your middle pair and flush draw.

Let’s say that they check to you. Since your odds are about 2:1 to make your flush by the river, bet out $6 and build a pot while still giving yourself the right odds to draw. If they both call you, great! You’ll be getting even better pot odds.

Again, you can continue your bet on the turn if you hit your flush (or sometimes even if you don’t to mix things up) or check to see the river for free. Sometimes you can even check on the turn when you do hit your draw to look completely timid and beg to be bet into on the river.

Betting out on your draws confuses your Opponents

The real beauty in this move is that you’ll be completely throwing off your opponents. While they may still suspect that you’re on a draw, most players simply don’t put betting players on straight or flush draws.

If they see two suited or connected cards on the board and a player betting aggressively they will often assume that you are protecting against the draw. If the draw is completed, they will often bluff with a big bet since they assume that you don’t have it.

Of course, you’re sitting back with your straight or flush ready to call/raise as much as possible. Also, you should note that open-ended straight draws (which can be completed with either of 2 cards) lay you about the same odds of hitting as a flush: 2:1 by the river.

Tips in Playing Poker for Beginners

If you are looking for a place online to play poker, use situs poker139. If you are a newbie and looking for something that will help you in getting better at playing poker, read on.

Tips in Playing Poker for Beginners

Learn the game. Take time to familiarize yourself with the rules before entering the playing field. It will be better to play with your friends who know poker better than you. Learn as much as you can. Read articles online and play with people without much at stake. There are various online platforms wherein you can play for free. It will be a good learning experience without cost, aside from the time you will spend playing.

Start small when you are new, there is a higher chance of losing, especially if you’re playing poker with people who are doing it longer than you. Winning will be quite hard unless you’re exceptional. Play it safe. While playing, you’ll learn some tricks from the people you’re playing with and it will be worth it.

Bet bigger when you have enough experience, and you already trust yourself with your ability to win big games. However, you have to make sure that you’re betting within your budget. It is okay to play and enjoy the game from time to time, but it is important to set the limit of how much to lose to avoid any financial struggles in the future.

Know when bluffing will be better for you or not. Bluffing too much is not going to help you at all. It is better to play wisely with the hands you’re holding. It might be necessary for game shows to make it more interesting, but you don’t need to use it always in real life. Know the right time when bluffing will serve you better.

Think of other players’ hands. It is important to think not only of your own hands, but the other players’ as well. You might be holding a strong situs judi bola resmi, but your opponents may have stronger hands. In The Poker Bank, they introduce ‘Multiple Level Thinking’:

  • Level 0: No thinking.
  • Level 1: What do I have?
  • Level 2: What do they have?
  • Level 3: What do they think I have?
  • Level 4: What do they think I think they have?
  • Level 5: What do they think I think they think I have?

In poker, it is important to deduce the cards your opponent is holding. You must understand the way they play to win.

Concentrate. You must observe your opponents understand how they play. Your full attention must be on the game. You have to know how your opponents will play when they have the best hand. If you get more information from the other players, you will know better how to play your hand. Thus, increasing your chances of winning.

No matter how many tips and tricks you have read through the internet, the best way to learn is through experience. What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and enjoy the game!

On second thought, if you are a beginner, you might want to play online for free to master the game first. Besides, your friends might have no mercy and get all of your money.

Can You Play Poker With Friends

Playing poker has become a hobby for most people, and with several online platforms, it becomes easy to play the game with your buddies without even having to see them face to face. Almost anyone can set up a poker game. With a little patience and few clicks, the game is up and ready to be played.

Can You Play Poker With Friends

With greater prominence of sites like daftar poker online , it makes the entire process easier and well-organized making it the best thing to do on a Friday night when there is nothing else to do.

A guide on how to play poker virtually with friends

  • Choose the platform and type of game – Picking the right platform to have a smooth game is needed before playing poker. Several options are available, and a quick comparison can be made to choose the perfect one that goes along with your preferences. Choosing the game’s format, between a tournament and a cash game is another sub-step to follow depending on the spirit of competition among your friends.
  • Set the game up – Once the decision has been made between a cash or tournament game, the only thing left is to invite your friends and join the game yourself.

Step the game up by making the atmosphere feel more real by having chips and a drink by your side to take the game’s excitement a notch agen slot terpercaya.

Keeping your game safe

Most poker games are played between friends. To ensure that your fun is not disrupted, be it online or in-person, lay down certain ground rules that every player must follow.

  • Know your players – It is highly unlikely that your friends will take advantage of you, which is why it is advisable to always play poker with people you know to avoid any conflicts.
  • Keep the stakes small – The buy-ins must be as low as $100, this will lessen the possibility of anyone getting hurt or offended, and when the stakes are low, it keeps the mood and tone of the game light, adding to the first reason why you decided to play- fun.
  • Cut the cards – Cut the cards each time to disallow anyone from making sure that the bottom card that everyone has seen is now on top of the deck. The main reason to do this to keep beginners and amateurs from taking advantage when given the opportunity.

A good way to take your mind off the monotonous routine or after a long week at work is to indulge in a game of poker with your friends. It’s fun, easy, and one of the best games to play when there is no real money involved. Like any other game that is played with friends and family, poker has proved to be a great game to establish connections, build more trust, and safely ensure that you don’t get fooled by an outsider. Playing poker with friends is allowed in most countries and can be played online with the availability of several poker sites.

Common Poker Mistakes It Is Simple To Avoid

Even experienced Texas Holdem poker gamers get some things wrong every occasionally. You will find a couple of common poker mistakes frequently seen when playing internet poker.

Common Poker Mistakes It Is Simple To Avoid

These mistakes are usually super easy to prevent, and that’s why we will discuss a number of them and just how you are able to avoid making exactly the same mistakes in the following paragraphs.

Bluffing for Bluffing’s Sake

This is among the greatest mistakes the best poker agen judi dominoqq gamers still make. There’s no problem with bluffing it’s a very handy poker tactic you can use to create lots of money when performed properly. Bluffing having a weak hands and doing the work frequently, however, is only going to undermine its energy making it a lot more hard to stay lucrative over time.

Bluff only if you have an average to strong hands to experience. You may also bluff after floating, particularly if you already realize how your competitors behave (i.e. how they place bets or respond to the flop) and you’re pretty certain that bluffing will scare them.


It’s simpler to locate all-inches when playing internet poker than when playing at physical poker sites. It is because online gamers tend to be more vulnerable to thinking they are able to pull off bluffs. I have seen gamers agen slot online terbaik all along with less than same-suited A-10 before even seeing the flop he lost lots of money, just just in case you’re wondering.

There’s no problem with going all-in. Actually, it’s a great way to expand the pot rapidly while frightening away competitors with under moderate hands. However, you will find also possible ways to lure competitors into betting more while restricting the potential risks you need to undertake simultaneously.

Humble Those who win, Elegant Nonwinners

Present day poker rooms provide a chat window for each table. Although poker is an extremely competitive game, it’s never Alright to be rude for your competitors. Regardless if you are winning or losing, be conscious of the items you type in to the chat box rather than disrespect your competitors.

Another factor you need to avoid is revealing your hands prior to the finish from the round or after folding. They are never acceptable regardless of what purpose they serve. Make use of the chat room to become familiar with other gamers making the session more fun with other gamers who’re involved.

What The Pros Rarely Say About Small Pocket Pairs

While there may be a generally accepted by-the-book way of playing small pocket pairs in no limit hold’em (i.e. only play them cheaply from late position and only continue if you flop a set), I would like to give my own thoughts about these potentially valuable holdings in this strategy article.

What The Pros Rarely Say About Small Pocket Pairs

For the sake of clarity, I’ll call “small” pocket pairs 22-77 poker online dominoqq as the same general rules can apply to all of them. With any of these pairs you will almost certainly face an overcard on the flop and almost certainly are they in major jeopardy if they don’t improve.

Thus, your goal should still be to spike that set (hit a third of your pocket pair) on the flop. With that in mind let’s explore some of my tips for making these hands as profitable as possible in online small-to-middle stakes akun slot online.

Position is paramount with small pocket pairs

While this is true about every hand, you shouldn’t overlook it when considering how (or if) you’re going to play a small pocket pair. Hands like pocket fours increase in value as you get closer to the button.

If you’re acting after everyone else preflop, you have more information available to you such as how much you’ll have to call to see a flop and if any of your opponents tried to show strength by raising the pot.

Besides that, you’ll be able to act last on each subsequent betting round. While this may sound like Hold’em 101, don’t overlook this important concept when playing these mini pairs. In an aggressive game, routinely limping in with small pairs in early position is a mistake.

You’ll often wind up in an unwelcome situation when you get raised and face paying more than you wanted to only to act out of position on the flop.

Stack sizes also dictate the value of your small pair

Small pocket pairs go way up in implied value when the stacks are deep at the table. This is because you can expect to win much more when you do hit your set on the flop. In a $1/2 game, playing pocket deuces from the button makes more sense if you and the other limpers have $300 rather than $50.

If you or your opponents have fairly small stacks, it isn’t a great play to invest a good portion of your remaining chips looking to hit a set on the flop. If you or your opponent is probably going to end up all-in anyway, you should either wait for better starting cards or just shove it in preflop.

However, keep in mind that if the stacks are deep (100 big blinds or more), small pocket pairs become more playable. You can invest a small amount to potentially win a massive pot.

In passive games you can play more small pocket pairs

As mentioned in tip, position plays in important role partially because you don’t want to face a lot of raises out of position. However, in passive games without a lot of preflop raising you can safely play all of your small pocket pairs.

After playing a few rounds with the same players you’ll be able to read the general playing style of the table. If you face little chance of being raised preflop and lots of players like to limp in, why not play any pair from any position?

While it’s still preferable to be in position after the flop I will still take the opportunity to get in cheaply with my pocket threes or fours. Occasionally, you should also raise with your small pairs to mix up your game.

Which hands you want against you with small pocket pairs

While the old poker adage may advise you to flop a set cheaply with a small pocket pair at all costs, unraised pots will probably earn you the least return when you flop a monster.

With pocket fives in a $1/2 game, I think that is wrong to think, “Well, he was first off and raised it to $8. He probably has Aces or Kings so I had better fold.” In fact, you should want to be up against a big pocket pair when you have a small pocket pair. Why? If you flop a set, you’re likely going to take all of your opponent’s chips.

The odds

I realize that the odds of hitting a set on the flop with a pocket pair are about 7.5 to 1 against (about 12%), but if the table has deep stacks and you double up 12% of the time you call the $8 it’s a no-brainer +EV decision.

Let’s assume that your under-the-gun opponent has pocket Aces and raises it to $8 preflop. Let’s also assume that he’s willing to put all his chips in on just about every flop (a reasonable assumption for low-stakes online games).

You both had $200 and you’ve folded on the flop 7 times for a current stack of $144. The 8th time, you hit the set and double up to $288. In the short run, you may hit the set in less or more tries, but in the long run this scenario is still profitable.

Actionable Ways to Deal with the Worst Poker Bad Beats

With the phenomenal surge in poker’s popularity both in cardrooms and online, thousands of new players descend on the game every day. Combine inexperience with fast-paced online games and the result is an abundance of poker bad beats.

Actionable Ways to Deal with the Worst Poker Bad Beats

No poker player is immune from bad beats and that is part of what makes poker a great game. Admittedly, I may not share that opinion immediately after my pocked Aces get cracked for a few hundred bucks.

Players often forget that luck exists in poker hence the bad beats

Bad beats happen because, of course, there is an element of luck in poker. A hand that is an overwhelming favorite to take down the pot before the flop, turn, or river is just that: a favorite.

Essentially, poker bad beats are needed to keep new players interested and fresh money brought to the tables. After all, who would take up the game if they didn’t have a chance to beat more experienced players on any given day?

Skill does prevail over luck in the long term

Try to take solace in the fact that skill does prevail over luck in the long term. If it didn’t, would there be professional poker players?

The overwhelming majority of us have a tough time dealing with judi poker idn beats psychologically, at least temporarily. If you think it’s a beginner’s weakness to be unable to control emotions after a pot has been cruelly taken from victory’s grasp, flip on ESPN and listen for those bleeps after a pro busts out of the WSOP on a 2-outer.

In the following sections I’d like to not only give you some simple tips on dealing with poker bad beats, but also define them for judi slot bet murah, provide some entertaining bad beat tales, and explain why bad beats can actually be encouraging for your level of play.

What exactly is a bad beat

In both of these situations, the drawing hand would have, at maximum, 4 outs (cards to come to give a winning hand) and less than a 10% chance of winning.

Lesser bad beats include getting beaten with a made hand like top pair or two pair by a flush or straight draw on the river. While many players feel like they’ve encountered a bad beat in this situation, the draw has a fairly high number of outs.

A common situation that shouldn’t be considered a bad beat occurs when a pocket pair loses to two overcards in an all-in tournament situation. The two hands are essentially even-money favorites to win preflop.

To suffer a true bad beat a player must dominate his opponent’s hand, play it properly, and still lose. A bad beat is also referred to as a “suck out” with the underdog “sucking out” on the favorite.

The misery of bad beat stories

A natural reaction to suffering a poker bad beat is to want to tell the world about it. Players usually want sympathy and understanding from fellow players and reassurance that the loss wasn’t their fault. While this is certainly understandable, it is poor poker etiquette to complain about bad beats at the table.

Most of your tablemates simply won’t care as they’ve experienced the same situation countless times themselves. The only thing you accomplish by spouting off is pegging yourself as a target on tilt.

While bad beat stories are often tiring to experienced players, they can always be useful if analyzing the strategy used to prevent future suck outs. Bad beat stories can also be entertaining if told with a sense of humility rather than bitterness.

We’ve all given and gotten our fair share of bad beats and, hopefully, can look at them as humorous aberrations from the poker gods in our long-term poker careers.

Gain some perspective on bad beats

A point from a Mike Caro article that I read when I first started playing Hold’em online that has always stuck with me goes something like this. You suffer bad beats after you have the best hand when all the money goes into the pot. If you’re repeatedly the favorite when most of your money is committed then you’re playing proper poker.

Forcing your opponents to need a miracle card to beat you every time is exactly what you want in the long run. You should take every opportunity to commit all your chips against an opponent on a draw.