Choose from Different Types of Sports Bets

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To start your gambling experience, one of the first things to consider is the different types of bets available. There are dozens of sports that you can follow and bet on and different types of events may require different bets.

Choose from Different Types of Sports Bets

In sports betting, there are at least five types of bets to play: Money Line, Prop Bets, Futures, Point Spreads, and Totals. In learning how to bet, you should have a functional knowledge of the difference amongst these betting options.

Money Line

If you’re new to daftar judi bola sports betting, then this is the easiest bet to understand. You don’t need to worry about point totals or margins of victory. Simply put, you only need to predict which player or team wins. For example, a sportsbook will advertise the odds of Team A at -150 and Team B at +130. If you see a minus (-) sign, it means that the team is favored to win. It simply tells you how much you should bet to win $100. If you pick Team A and you bet $300 and win, it means that you’ll collect $150.

Prop Bets

These types of bets can cover anything and can work for different types of sports. The operator may call for bets on which team will get more running yards or which tennis player will make more aces in a match.

In this type of betting, you are placing your money on a potential outcome. For example, in learning how to bet on tennis, you may be encouraged to bet on who will make the semifinals of the Australian Open or who will be the doubles champion of the same tennis grand slam. These are examples of prop bets wherein you put your money on an event likely to bandar sbobet terpercaya.

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Point Spreads

As the name suggests, these are your bets that focus on the margin in scores. So you will encounter these bets if you’re learning how to bet on NBA games or learning how to bet on football. Just like in the money line, the point spread bets are represented by plus (+) and minus (-) signs. The number indicates the expected margin. If during the game, the margin is within the spread, its called a tie or push which means no one wins the bet.

In this type of betting, you take into account the total scores accumulated during the match. Again, this type of betting is often used in basketball and football.

Know the Other Types of Bets

The bet types listed above are the popular ones and commonly played online. However, there are other custom and highly complicated bets and betting practices associated with other sports. Some of the popular sports that call for a different set of bets are horse racing and sabong which is popular in the Philippines. In horse racing, the popular bets to play are Win, Quinella, Exacta, and Trifecta. In the ‘Win’, your horse must finish first and the payoff is calculated using the win odds. The Quinella requires your horses to finish first or second in any order. The Exacta, on the other hand, calls for your horses to finish 1-2 in exact order. Finally, the Trifecta calls for the horses to finish 1-2-3 in order.

Learning how to bet in sabong is slightly complicated especially for players who are not from the Philippines. Here, there are two participants- fighting cocks- one that is ‘llamado’ and the other is ‘dehado’. In learning how betting works in sabong, the ‘llamado’ is the one expected to win but the payout can be less. But in ‘dehado’, there’s a chance that you can win big if the rooster wins of course. In short, learning about the background of a particular sport is critical if you want to master how to bet on sports online.

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