Commission Criticises Gambling Advertising in Football Trusted

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According to a recent report, new introductions to gambling advertising restrictions will be on their way soon. The report, issued by the BGC, said that gambling advertisements were found to be widespread with Belgian football. The BGC says this is thanks to the Unibet’s sponsorship of the Jupiler Pro League and several other clubs that are sponsored by gambling groups and operators.

Commission Criticises Gambling Advertising in Football Trusted

The report also noted that clubs in Belgian advertise gambling through their sponsor’ logos across club websites quite frequently, as well as on social media feeds. The prominence of gambling advertising is a problem with the actions convincing viewers that gambling judi bola euro 2021 is a part of sports. An increase with gambling activity has been observed on playing days during the play-offs which results in an abundant of advertisements.

The BGC’s report concluded that there is a strong relationship between gambling and football, and this, combined, can give the public the wrong impression that can lead to gambling behavior normalizations. It’s necessary to know if quantitative restrictions on advertisements will situs judi slot promosi and elaborate targeted control.

Online Football Gaming Platform Ties In With New Football Season

It seems that online football apps are the name of the new game currently. It is no surprise that many have been launched in the UK to tie in with the new footie season.

SBOBET Limited is the latest to come online with a gambling application and game, having been granted an Isle of Man license earlier in the year. This is a very simple weekly game format based on goal times from various football matches, as and when they take place.

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Both English and Scottish leagues are included in the game, where players are able to select various lines of goals to increase their chances of winning. The cost is £1 per line to play where favourite numbers may be randomly chosen if the punter does not want to work out who the winning teams will be. It makes use of across-the-board goal scoring information which is provided by SBOBET, and appears to be much like an online football lottery, perhaps something like the old football pools. Players choose six teams and there is up to £1million on offer as a prize every week.

SBOBET says that this online gambling website is for any kind of punter who fancies taking a bet on the footie and also enjoys watching the games. The top prize goes to the punter who predicts the fastest six goals netted on any Saturday. Smaller prizes are available – also for fastest predicted goal score, for five, four and three teams. It’s all about scoring the fastest goals first and they expect it will appeal to a wide audience with its £1 for £1 million stake, which should work like a charm. The system is simple to use, it employs an e-wallet and payout system which they believe to be innovative, and as we all know in online gambling – innovation is king.