Different Types Of Soccer Betting Lines

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Soccer is one of the most played games with billions of fans. These fans have made this sport hugely popular, and that is why soccer betting is booming! While it is legal to bet in many countries, there are some nations which disagree.

Different Types Of Soccer Betting Lines

Online betting agen judi nova88 is one of the safest options now due to the availability of official sports bookie websites. What you have to choose the soccer betting lines and become a wager in no time!

Types of soccer betting

People not only love to watch these matches, but the most enjoyable part comes when they bet on soccer teams. For beginners, who have never bet on soccer before, here is a small guide on the types of soccer betting lines.

Full-Time Result

The full-time result follows a simple win-draw-win strategy and includes the following sub kinds:

  • Double chance
  • Draw no bet
  • Correct score
  • Asian handicaps

Double Chance

Double chance betting is the easiest way to wage in which you get a chance to win twice. By selecting two of the outcomes from the judi slot terbaru, you can win easily without even losing your money, therefore, always a win-win!

Draw No Bet

Another safer option for soccer betting! You bet works by choosing one of the teams. You win when the selected team wins and lose if it loses. If the match ends in a “draw,” then the bet gets canceled, and you’ll get your money back!

Correct Score

A correct score wage works on the exact score of the final soccer game. It is very unpredictable to judge the right scores, so this type of bet line is tricky. Also, betting experts will never suggest you go for it if you want good results in the long term.

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Asian Handicaps

Asian handicap betting is trickier than the previous types we have discussed. As the name suggests, the teams in this type of betting are handicapped depending upon how strong their form is. Wager bets on a stronger team and have to goal more to win.