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Depending on the type of player you are and how seriously you take the game you can expect to earn different amounts of money.


The time you invest off the table will increase your likely win-rate and the amount of time you spend on the virtual felt will increase the actual money that goes into your pocket.

As An Occasional/Casual Poker Player

An occasional player is unlikely to be an elite player in the games agen dominoqq they play as they just don’t have the time to commit to mastering the game. They’re also limited in the amount of time they can play, hindering their overall win-rate.

If they can commit around 10 hours to poker split between 2 hours studying and 8 hours playing a week, a good player could get to a win-rate of around 1-3bb/100.

These players are also going to find it harder to multi-table as they don’t have the experience to do so without sacrificing their win-rate. This will impact their volume, again lessening the amount of money they can make. Let’s assume around 200 hands per hour.

Given all these factors we can work out that an occasional player on average will play 1600 hands a week with a win-rate of 1.5bb/100. This will work out to 24bb a week (1.5bb*(1,600/100)) or around 100bb per month.

As An Part-Time Poker Player

A part-time player will have more free time to dedicate to the game than an occasional player and can put more time into studying and improving their win-rate. Being able to increase their win-rate and spend more time playing will allow them to make a lot more money than the occasional player.

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If we say they can spend around 25 hours a week split between 5 hours studying and 20 hours playing, a good part-time player can expect their win-rate to be between 2-5bb/100.

The more they play online, the more experienced they’ll be with playing multiple tables so part-time players will be able to up their volume and keep a similar win-rate. We’ll say they can manage on average 400 hands an hour.

We can work out that a part-time player on average will play 8000 hands a week with a win-rate of 3bb/100 – a large increase over an occasional player. This will work out to 240bb a week (3bb*(8,000/100)) or 960bb per month.

As a Full-Time Poker Player

A full-time player will be dedicating the majority of their time to playing and studying the game, trying to be the best they can be. These players will be able to put in long hours at the table and be able to keep up with all the latest strategy changes.

Given that they’re a full-time player, they’ll be putting around 40 hours a week in, split between 8 hours studying and 32 hours playing – very similar to a full-time job and the best players can find win-rates between 4-8bb/100.

These players will be able to multi-table with ease, playing upwards of 6, 8, or even 10 regular cash game tables or 3-4 zoom tables. Playing such a high number of tables they can manage around 800 hands per hour.

We can work out that a full-time player could play around 25,600 hands a week with a win-rate of 5bb/100 – a large increase over an occasional player. This will work out to 1,280bb a week (5bb*(8,000/100)) or 5,120bb per month.

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Now, these are theoretical estimates of win-rates. The higher stakes you play and the more tables you add, the harder it is to get close to these numbers.