First Choose The Type of Poker You Want to Play

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Online poker games on the Internet can be a bit daunting, both in terms of the number of online poker rooms available, but also in terms of which site to play on, e.g. 888 poker, and which table to join, whether to join an online poker tournament, finding out the cost involved etc. There are many questions you might have and we have provided this online poker guide to give you an insight into how to get started.

First Choose The Type of Poker You Want to Play

As 85% of all online poker players on the Internet play Texas Hold-em poker, this is the judi poker online game that recommends you play first. The reason for this is that there are many beginners who play, (referred to as fish in online poker slang), which means your odds of winning and learning are best here.

Next choose which type of table you want to play at. There is a No-limit, Pot-limit and Fixed-Limit in Texas Hold’em. You need to choose whether it is a 10 man table or a 6 man table. Finally you need to choose the size of your stake (amount of money) that you wish to play with. Read more about these online poker terms below.

1. Online poker tables

All online poker rooms have more than one type of online poker table. In fact they have several. In the online poker room’s lobby, you can see which types of poker tables there are in most of the online poker rooms. Look for the following when choosing a table. Players, Stakes, pot size, and plrs/flop. (These terms are explained below)

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2. Plrs (players) / Flop

The flop percentage /Plrs per Flop is a number that shows on average how many poker players choose to go all the way to the Flop. This is a very important piece of information as it reveals something about the type of poker players at the table.
Example: If the number is high, it is a sign that people are playing Loose-Loose = many hands are played, you play loosely. (The opposite is Tight = few hands). The higher the Flop percentage, the more players have chosen to put money in the jackpot to see the flop and have therefore chosen to play bad cards in some cases. The opposite would be a Tight game, where few hands are played and the Flop percentage is consequently low, as people only play good hands. You play Tight.

3. Stake

An online poker game with a Fixed Limit and a stake of $10/$20 means that $10 is paid in the first and second round, while $20 is paid in the third and fourth round. If No Limit or Pot Limit is played, it means that a Fixed Limit has not been set, so here the stake size is a sign of Small Blind and Big Blind and the smallest Bet. In our example the Small Blind of $10 and Big Blind of $20. (See poker dictionary for the meaning of “Blinds”.) The smallest Bet in No Limit and Pot Limit is also $10 or $20 respectively depending on which round is being game slot online terbaik.

4. Fixed Limit Poker (FIXED)

A poker game at a poker table with a Fixed Limit means that the stake limits have been fixed before the start of the game. An example: If you play at a $10/$20 Fixed Limit poker table, in practice this means that all poker players in the first and second round can bet $10 and the double i.e. $20 in the third and fourth Betting round.
Note: It is practically impossible to practice Poker Bluff at these Fixed Limit tables. This is because you can only increase with a Bet. So if you want to play Bluff, then it is the No-limit tables you need to focus on!

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5. Pot Limit (PL)

Pot means the “kitty” and Pot Limit means the limit of the kitty. The Pot Limit is the maximum amount that can be played at the time when the relevant Bet is made.
Example: If the Pot is $30, then you can Raise/increase by a maximum of $30. The Pot Limit is in this case $30.

6. No – Limit (NL)

No Limit is exactly as it says, which means that in this type of Texas Hold’em game there is no fixed limit as to what you can Bet. Texas Hold’em is, in many people’s opinion, the most wild and worthwhile form of poker and is the poker that is played in various televised poker tournaments and Celebs poker. The only ceiling in Texas Hold’em poker No Limit is the number of poker chips you have to bring with you to the poker table. It is also in No Limit that you can score the jackpot or lose enormous amounts of money.

7. Number of players

There are both 2, 6 and 10 men online poker tables. If you are new to the world of online poker games, recommends you play at a 10 man table.

In addition: At 10 man tables, it is often necessary to have a relatively strong hand if you want to win the pot. This is not the case with fewer players at the table.

8 . Av. Pot Size

A term for the Average Pot size on the online poker table.

9. How do I win in online poker?

If there was an easy guide to online poker, the game probably wouldn’t be as popular as it is. A good tip for beginners is however to play Tight at the start in a Loose online poker game. If you only play the good cards against your opponents that play both good and bad cards, i.e play Loose, there are good chances of winning money at the easy Fixed Limit tables with a low stake of $0.5 / $1. Otherwise use Hutchinson’s online poker strategy system, which you will find here on online.

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