Has Anyone Created Automatic Sports Betting Programs

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Technological development has brought with it mobile programs and applications that allow us to try our luck and have fun with sports betting. Currently, with the push of a button, we can access the best automatic sports betting programs.

Has Anyone Created Automatic Sports Betting Programs

Automating your betting agen judi bola terpercaya activity can have many advantages. An automated sports bet is faster than a manual bet, and a robot can wait all day for the perfect opportunity to occur. Also, we prevent our emotions from interfering with our bets. Sometimes accepting a loss is difficult, and we end up making a stop loss late. Automation prevents many of those mistakes. Even automation can help you bet on games that happen on the other side of the world when you are sleeping.

To facilitate and streamline all these tasks, betting robots have emerged. These programs connect directly to the sportsbooks’ database. They allow us to establish betting rules in such a way that if any of those rules are met, the robot bets even if we are not present. Their main utility is that they constantly scan the odds in a very fast way, even with the live event, giving us those seconds of difference necessary to make trading. Also, automatic betting programs allow you to bet simultaneously on various markets. This would not be possible with the browser of our computer or our mobile device.

Which Automatic Sports Betting Programs Exists?

The phenomenon of betting exchange, initiated by Betfair, opened a wide field of possibilities for bettors. It is now possible to bet both for and against, request the desired odds we want to bet on, “buy and sell” our bets on the market, act as a bookmaker, etc. Below you can see a small analysis of the best-known robots:

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Bet Angel

The most complete program to date to carry out different link alternatif sbobet at Betfair automatically. It allows you to bet on various options by spreading the profit among them, schedule real-time trades to win no matter what, and many more options. Besides, it allows you to connect an Excel sheet to the program, thus offering many possibilities to establish betting rules. Although it may seem somewhat complex, its demo videos explain everything you can do with this program. This is an official application accepted by Betfair, making its use legal.


This program is designed for those who just want to leave their robot running while making cyclical bets and automatic trading tracking the chosen competitions.


It facilitates trading in Betfair, indicating the bettors’ trends in the short term so that we anticipate the next movements. The trial version allows you to use some basic functions.

Although all betting robots are focused on Betfair, some start to use other betting exchangers to trade between them. Almost all of these automatic sports betting programs are focused on soccer, but there are also those dedicated to casinos, table games, horseracing, tennis, basketball, baseball, and other sports. In conclusion, these programs greatly simplify your betting work and save you time.