How do Online Live Casinos Work

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If you love online live casinos and wonder how they work, it would be interesting for you to know it. You see an actual live dealer rolling a dice or laying out cards for you. But you always wonder how they can communicate with you and other players in real time.

Well, they do this through a software tool that works with OCR or optical character recognition. This is the same tool that lets you scan a paper document on your computer. The characters on the roulette wheel or cards are translated by a computer into data which can later be coded and delivered to the device of your choice.

How do Online Live Casinos Work

Earlier, the only devices strong enough to receive this data were desktop computers. However, now you can access a live online gambling site from your phone or tablet, in your home or office, or while traveling.

The OCR technology enables you to play Agen Casino Online Terbaik and also it allows the computer to divulge you your hand value and outcome of your bet without needing you to break a sweat. Moreover, the best part according to a general opinion about live dealers is that you are able to see all the action unfolding before your eyes.

Some latest models that support live dealers clear that every card in the deck includes a small Agen Terpercaya Sbobet chip which the dealer scans before laying the card out. This scanning translates the info about the card accurately into computerized data. Thus each time a card is scanned, the information on your screen is updated automatically. This is another definite way with which you can interact with the game from a distance yet effectively.

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If you are eager to know about the live dealer casinos logistics, you may be surprised to know that it needs a rigorous amount of production. The live dealers seen on video streams work in special studios built particularly for this type of work. There may be a little difference between casinos, but in general, the setup contains a main room having all the game tables, cameras/OCR equipment and live dealers. Sometimes the room may contain only one table in order to let players enjoy their game without the noise or visual distraction of other games in the background.

Live casinos strive to offer a real life casino experience to players. There may even be an onsite technical crew to address any problem with cameras or feeds, so as to offer a trouble-free experience.