How Do You Rank Full Houses In Poker Online

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A Full House is when your hand consists of three cards of the same rank, plus a Pair of cards of another rank – for example, 6-6-6-4-4 or 10-10-10-2-2. The ‘Set’ part of the Full House is what’s important here but, when two players have an equally ranked ‘Three-of-a-Kind’, the highest ranked Pair wins instead.

How Do You Rank Full Houses In Poker Online

As with the daftar bandarqq online Straight and the Flush, the Full House, whilst a powerhouse of a hand, requires that you read the community cards correctly for possible problems. For you to hit a Full House, you are going to need one of three scenarios;

  • You hold a Pair and a Set appears on the board. Let’s say you hold 77 and the board is 3-3-9-3-10. (This would be referred to as ‘7’s over 3’s)
  • You hold two different cards, both of which Pair with a card on the board and, one of those is also a Pair on the board. Now you hold 7-10 (Daniel Negreanu’s famous hand) and the board is: 3-3-7-7-10.
  • You hold a Pair and another Pair plus a card to match your existing Pair hits the board. This time you hold 77 again and the community cards on the board are 3-3-9-7-10.

The first type is a problem because there is an obvious Four-of-a-Kind opportunity for your opponents and also blatant Full House for anyone who went into the hand with a pair – low Pairs in your hand are now going to make you very nervous.

Whereas, with the second format, Four-of-a-Kind is much less likely and if you hold the 10-7 you will feel pretty comfortable – only a player with 10’s is going to have a bigger Full House. If your opponent is weak in either scenario it will kill the betting stone dead and you won’t get much payoff despite winning the hand.

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The third option is the one where usually, the biggest pay-outs occur. It will appear highly unlikely to your opponent that you hit a low Set (the 3-3 plus a 3 in your hand) as that would be a very loose starting hand required to hit it. It’s also a spot where you can pick off loose players who will over bet hands like A-3 which they shouldn’t have been in the pot with and will now cause them issues as they’ve made trips and think they are strong.