How To Pick a Safe and Legal Online Poker Room

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Online poker is now legal and regulated in six states in the United States, but it can be confusing to understand where you can play, what is safe and how to best choose a site.

Here we aim to cut to the chase and give you all the information you need to make good choices when it comes to picking a safe, legal, and trustworthy online poker room.

How To Pick a Safe and Legal Online Poker Room

First of all, let’s clarify what exactly constitutes as a legal online agen 1gaming room in the United States and what makes something regulated or not regulated. What constitutes a legal online poker site in the United States?

The current shape of online poker offerings on US soil are heavily influenced by the interpretation of the Wire Act and the aftermath of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). There is no federal law that allows online poker throughout the entire country but instead, individual state laws have been implemented.

The so called “interactive gaming reciprocal agreement” has to be approved by the Governor and signed into law for each state.

In order to officially run their business on US soil, the operators have to be licensed and sanctioned by the respective State Gaming Authorities. This procedure is conducted on a case-by-case study and requires an intensive audit of all business assets. It should also be noted that it has to be done separately for each state that allows its residents to play online poker.

Each operator that wishes to offer online poker also has to enter a partnership with an approved brick-and-mortar casino within the state borders in order to gain a valid license as interactive gaming operator. Once all of these key criteria have been met and the operator has received the license, it becomes a legal online poker room in the United States.

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All regulated sites display the logo of the respective gambling commission in the poker client itself, which is another visual confirmation for the customer that this is a safe online poker room. Ongoing audits of each operator are being conducted to ensure that all license criteria are met.

A Grey Area: Offshore Sites

There are plenty of other international operators who offer their services to US Agen Terpercaya Sbobet.

However, none of them are in fact licensed in the US. There is no legal protection for the players on US soil when competing on these offshore platforms. If they go bust, there is no guarantee that the player funds will be recovered.

The offshore operators offer their services to US players against the law and circumvent the rules of illegal transactions related to gambling via third-party processors or other methods such as Bitcoin. They typically accept players from all US states, which also includes those who currently don’t allow legal online poker – in contravention of the law. As a result, these offshore poker sites will f*ind it very hard to get approved for any license in the US.*

The bonus offers can be very ambiguous and there is no guarantee that the player funds are held in segregated accounts. Money transactions to US related banks can lead to plenty of problems when cashing out directly and even lead to criminal charges in some states.

Large prize pools and promising looking bonus offers can be tempting as these offshore poker sites share a large international pool of players. The variety of different game types is also bigger. However, the bonus offers aren’t necessarily better than those by state-regulated poker sites.

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The terms and conditions for all bonuses can be altered by the offshore operators at any time without notification. All these negative ramifications increase the risks that your funds may not be protected and can be stolen at any time. In a nutshell, they don’t represent a safe choice by any means.