How to Triple Your Profits at Micro Poker Games With 3 Simple Strategies

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The micro stakes poker tables. This is where you can play online for amounts of money as low as $2. You will also find some of the softest competition on earth here.

How to Triple Your Profits at Micro Poker Games With 3 Simple Strategies

This is indeed the place where it all started for most of us. But unfortunately for most people, they never get beyond these limits. And this is too bad because not only does agen judi idn poker become a lot more fun as you move up the stakes and start playing for bigger amounts of money, but you can of course profit a lot more as well.

A consistent winning player at mid or high stakes can make a very nice side income or even enough to replace a high-paying day job. This is simply not possible at the micros.

I’m going to give you 3 simple strategies, that if used correctly, will triple your results at the micros and finally get you on the fast track to bigger and better things in this game.

Play a Loose and Aggressive Strategy

Most people are taught from day one in poker to play tight and cautious. Only put big money into the pot with a really strong hand they are told. Play your cards “close to the vest” and so on. The problem with this approach though is that it is exactly what everybody else is doing these days as well.

So in an environment like this you aren’t going to really get ahead by doing what everybody else is doing. If you do what they do, you will get their results, which is breakeven or small winner at best.

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Attacking the pervasive weakness of most of today’s micro stakes players

The biggest winners at the micros these days know that a loose and aggressive (also called LAG) strategy is the best way to truly crush these games. The reason why is because it attacks the main weakness of everybody else, playing too cautious and timid. And the beautiful thing about poker is that we all know how hard it is to make a really strong hand. They just don’t come around very often.

For instance, you will only get dealt AA once every 220 hands and you will only flop a flush with two suited cards once every 118 hands. Heck, with a random hand 2 out of 3 times you won’t even flop anything at all! So what this ultimately means is that there is absolutely tons of dead money out there which is up for grabs. And the person who wants to fight for it the most is going to win it. And that is exactly what a LAG strategy is perfect for.

What does “play LAG” actually mean in practice?

Steal the Blinds Frequently

If you are at a table full of tight players you can raise it up with a huge amount of hands especially if it is folded to you in late position. Often if it is folded to me on the button and there are two tight players left to act in the blinds I will raise the top 50% of hands dealt to me.

Apply Constant Pressure After the Flop

The next thing you want to do is take every opportunity you can to bet at the pot after the flop. This is especially the case when you are only against one player. And you don’t have to bet a large amount either. 50% of the pot is fine in most cases.

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What this constant pressure does is force a weak/tight player to have a decent hand to continue. And we already know that most of the time they won’t have one.