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With all the different poker variants, most people want to know which one they should play and how much you can make playing cash games compared to tournaments. Let’s see what you can expect depending on the variant you choose to play.


The amount of money you can make in tournaments poker deposit via pulsa depends entirely on their structure as MTTs (multi-table tournaments) play and pay much differently to STTs (single table tournaments).

MTTs pay on average 15% of the field with the min-cash being around 2x the buy-in and as much as 20% of the prize pool going to the winner. MTTs can have thousands of players entering them so the frequency you’re going to win one, or even cash in one, is low. You should expect a lot of losing if you’re grinding MTTs. The money almost entirely comes from your deep runs and final tables and therefore the variance in playing MTTs to make money is considered extremely high.

STTs play a lot differently, around 33% of the field will cash but the amount up top is considerably smaller, meaning it’s all about consistency. One win every few hundred tournaments isn’t going to do it, you’ll have to win day-in-day-out and slowly grind out your profit. STTs are considered lower variance than MTTs because of the frequency that you will cash in them and win.

By Playing Cash Games

Cash games are closer to STTs than MTTs in that they’re lower variance. When you’re playing cash games, the players tend to have a standardized stack size of 100bb unless they’re a weak player, which means the same scenarios will come up again and again and the biggest winners in cash games are the players who can master those scenarios.

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Playing cash games is a lot more of a steady grind upwards for a winning player. Unless you have a maniacal playing style, your swings won’t be as violent as they can be in MTTs and are generally the format of choice for people trying to earn a living.

However, it’s generally considered to be tougher to be a winning player in cash games than it is tournaments due to how much deeper cash games play – so there is a trade-off if you decide to play cash games over tournaments.