Live Betting Online Strategies On Football Matches

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Live betting on football (soccer) live is not that easy: the game is very dynamic, unpredictable, a result may change completely during the last minute. The rules of football (soccer) real-time betting are similar to pre-match betting:

Live Betting Online Strategies On Football Matches

  • Keep up to date with statistical data. You must prepare for the upcoming match. Read predictions, check the statistics, the particular players’ motivation, and the team’s one in general. We advise using a few sources of information, including the foreign ones.
  • It is not worth to make hasty conclusions. Football (soccer) is a very dynamic game. Do not trust odds, which are provided by bookmakers, completely. Evaluate a situation on a field actually and trust your feelings.
  • The goal is to make money but not to satisfy the gambling desire. There is no need in diving into the gambling excitement and betting all your money at once. It is better to distribute your bankroll in the right way, having divided it into equal parts to make a few bets.

Let’s consider two strategies, which are used by players to win live bets on football (soccer).

A bet on <<total is under>>

The strategy is based on mathematical expectations and probability theory. The main rule is to bet on under always. You should wager with a bookmaker that there will be no more daftar depobos in a match. You will need a solid bankroll, at least, 100 dollars are required to be in a bank. It does not mean that you will risk with all your money but it should be on your account before a match. There is definitely the risk of losing all money, we even do not discuss this.

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We start betting since pre-match, we make a bet on that there will be no goals in a match. A bookmaker usually offers good odds on a goalless draw, it varies between 5-7. We bet 5 dollars and begin watching the daftar situs slot.

If a goal is scored, and it happens pretty frequently, we will bet on that there will be no more goals in the match, namely, the total goals are under 1,5. Odds usually are between 3-4. Considering the lost 5 dollars, we raise a bet to 10 dollars.

If a goal is scored again, we will act, considering the situation. If there is not so much time till the end of the match and the result is almost clear, a bookmaker tries to be careful and usually provides odds 2,5 on that there will be no goals anymore. We will bet 20 dollars. If there are further goals, we will rise our bet, betting 30 and 40 dollars on odds, which are less 3.5 and 4.5.

It is important to write all your bets on a separate sheet of paper to manage to cover all the money you lose with a new bet. The sum of the bet is determined, considering the bookmaker’s odds. We have provided approximate odds to understand the sense of the strategy.

So you wager with a bookmaker that there will be less than five goals in a match. Take a look at the statistics and make sure that there are a lot of matches, in which the total goals are under five. There will be fewer goals with high probability, so a match will be over on one of the stages and you will make a profit. You can act on the situation and continue making bets after the fifth, sixth, and further goals. A solid bankroll is required for this.

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We recommend always keeping your mind clear and evaluate the progress of a match. If teams just attack and do not care about the defense of their gates, betting on total is under is ridiculous. Especially in the case when the goals are required to proceed to the next round.

Bets on corner kicks

The strategy is based on monitoring the current situation on a field. If one of the teams closed in defense and the other one tries to score a goal, you should confidently bet on the total corner kicks are over. Attacks will be regular and the team will need to hit the ball outside the field to calm down the dangerous situation.

It is worth betting on total under when the situation on a field is opposite. If both teams play a ball in the middle of the field and do not want to attack, you can confidently bet on under, until a bookmaker reduced odds or the number of corner kicks in the bet’s parameters.

The strategy of betting on corner kicks after the analysis of the situation during the first time. For example, if there were few corner kicks in the first half of the match, it will be worth risking in the second half of the match and betting on total over. Especially when one of the teams is interested to prevail.