Monopoly Live Games Are another Hot Live Casino Online

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Monopoly live is another unique live online casino game, which is gaining a huge popularity among players. The objective of this game is quite simple.

A live monopoly casino offers super-sized and vertically mounted wheel, situs judi slot promosi where players will predict segment of the wheel that is going to finally stop at after your spin while virtual Mr. Monopoly will sit alongside and ready to get into the action.

Also, the game will offer a chance to bet about where the wheel is actually going to stop on a certain fixed number. Wheel will incorporate ‘CHANCE’ segments to get instant winning of cash and multipliers, and ‘2-ROLLS’ and ‘4-ROLLS’ segments.

Different varieties of monopoly casino games

Following are few most popular Monopoly casino games:

  • Monopoly lives

This is one of the new versions of monopoly slot game known as Monopoly Live. In this game there is live mechanic having combination of slots and roulette, where you have to predict in which board segment the wheel will actually land finally.

  • Monopoly big-event slot

In this kind of 5-reel slot, you have the opportunity to win £250,000 and that offers 20 numbers of pay-lines.

When there is big bet feature, there will be big money to win with the minimum bets from £20 – £30 only.

  • Super monopoly money

Super monopoly is 5-reel slot having 25 numbers of pay-lines and essentially it will operate as more traditional slot, where you must spin your reels and match with the symbols with winning pay-line.

  • Monopoly big-money reel slot

This is another incredibly popular slot having 5 reels, 4 rows and 30 number of pay-lines with punters. It also offers few great bonus rounds that also included in the price, which is right style wheel, where you can top-up on your winning money.

  • Epic monopoly
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There is plenty to offer with whopping 160 pay-lines, in this epic monopoly and for many this is among the most favourites. Every classic symbol is included in this 4-reel slot game.

  • Monopoly bring house down

In this slot there are 40 pay-lines and you needed to play across five reels and three rows. Here the jackpot can be cool £100,000 and it has low minimum bet with high maximum to make it a very popular slot for every kind of roller.

3-dimensional bonus round

If you activate bonus game then qualifying players will join Mr. Monopoly, while he will enter his augmented reality of 3-dimensional Monopoly world, where you will step around 3-dimensional Monopoly board prizes, multipliers and much more.

Your walk will be decided by a pair of dice. Those who qualify for bonus game will place bets on ‘2-ROLLS’ and ‘4-ROLLS’ for this money wheel game.

Even if players fail to place either of the above bets, still they will be able to enjoy this bonus game, however cannot win prizes in it.

You will find almost all kind of familiar Monopoly elements of board present in this game from GO, Community Chest and Chance in the hotels, houses and also as Super Tax and Jail.

You can find Monopoly board in British English, Italian and German language variants.