Most Poker Variants Fall Into One Of Four Categories

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Some poker sites offer games other than No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha. Unfortunately, the low traffic in New Jersey means that it can be hard to find opponents for these other games.

Most Poker Variants Fall Into One Of Four Categories

One exception is during major tournament series. At situs poker deposit 10rb in particular, you’ll often find a few alternative games on the schedule.

Flop Games

Follow roughly the same rules as Hold’em and Omaha, with some minor differences. As one very simple example, Five-Card Omaha is exactly what it sounds like. It works just like Omaha, except each player receives five hole cards instead of four.

Stud Games

Were very popular prior to the rise of Hold’em. There are no community cards. Rather, players receive a few cards to start with (usually three), and additional cards one at a time after each betting round. Some of a player’s cards will be face up, and others face down.

Draw Games

Like the five-card game you played as a kid. There are no community cards, nor face-up cards. Players receive their full hand to start, but can exchange one or more cards (or stand pat) after each betting round. Single and triple draw are the most common Daftar Sbobet Casino.

Lowball Games

Combined with one of the other variants. The twist here is that the hand rankings are reversed, so the goal is to avoid making pairs or other strong hands. The most common lowball games are draw variants, although Razz (lowball stud) is also popular.

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Hi/lo games

Combine standard and lowball hand rankings. The pot is split between the highest and lowest hand, and the real goal is to win both at once with a hand that can play either way. Omaha and Stud are the most common Hi/Lo games.

Advantages of legal NJ poker sites

With three operators/networks to choose from, you probably don’t feel the need to play on illegal offshore sites from New Jersey. If you are considering it, however, there are some good reasons to reconsider. In a nutshell, it’s safer across the board to play on a legal site. To be specific:

Legal sites segregate funds

When you deposit to a legal site, your money goes in its own account, separate from the company’s operating capital. If the site goes bankrupt or loses its license for whatever reason, you will get your money back. The same is not true for offshores, which have an unfortunate tendency to disappear and take players’ money with them.

Legal sites go through extensive testing and supervision

There’s no real guarantee that offshore sites have a fair deck, or that they prevent cheating. Legal sites operate under the oversight of the state regulator, whose job it is to verify game integrity and hold operators accountable.

Legal sites pay taxes

When you play on an offshore site, 100% of the rake you pay goes into the operator’s pockets. Legal sites are taxed, often quite heavily, so your money is going to pay for education, problem gambling treatment, and other sorts of public programs.

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Legal sites know their customers

State regulators require legal sites to go to great lengths to establish their customers’ identities and the source of their funds. This is to prevent all sorts of criminal activity that can take place on offshore sites, such as money laundering and fraud.

The regulator is your last, best recourse

Finally, and most importantly, if anything does go wrong, you have a place to turn. The state regulator can penalize operators for misbehavior, investigate wrongdoing, and make sure you get whatever money is owed to you if something goes wrong. So, how do you know if a site is legal or not? It’s usually pretty easy:

Online Poker Report does not review illegal sites

If you find it listed here or on one of our review pages, you’re good to go.

Look for the name of the regulator

In New Jersey, this is the Division of Gaming Enforcement. Any legal NJ site will specify somewhere on the website and app that it’s regulated by the DGE.

Avoid URLs that don’t end.

The US Department of Justice can seize dot-com domains in the case of criminal activity. Therefore, illegal sites avoid using these. If you see a site with a URL ending in something like .cr, .bet or .eu, then you can be sure that it is illegal in the US.

If in doubt, look on the DGE website

The DGE has a list of all legal operators in the state. Thus, the most foolproof way to establish a site’s legality is to find its URL on the list.

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Sweepstakes online poker sites in New Jersey

While the real-money options are plentiful in New Jersey, players can also play poker on “sweepstakes” sites. The most popular of these is Global Poker, currently available in 49 US states. For New Jersey players, a sweepstakes site does make it possible to compete in a larger pool of players. However some will always prefer playing on real-money, regulated sites – especially since New Jersey has so many from which to choose.