Most Popular Football Betting Strategies

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Football has been the most popular kind of sport for over 100 years. Endless investments and development of football in small countries results in growth of the fanbase. It’s no surprise that bookmaker companies award football with their number one betting position. Bettors like watching football matches alongside making bets as it makes viewing more spicy.

However there are gamblers that cannot make bets on this depobos popular kind of sport. The most common mistake which happens with almost every beginner is absence of the gambling plan or strategy. Luckily nowadays you can easily choose a profitable strategy. It’s worth noting that not every strategy is going to be applicable and sometimes even profitable in the long-term.

In today’s article we keep on analyzing popular strategies in football betting. It’s also noteworthy that almost all of the strategies could be applied not only in football but in other team sports, in esports for Dota 2 and CSGO betting.

Most Popular Football Betting Strategies

The first strategy is based on the plan to make all further bets on TU which is the situation when there is no goal scored. At first, before the start of the match, bettors make bets on TU 0.5 expecting to see a zero-zero draw at the end. If teams score, you place a bet on TU 1.5 and so on.

You should also combine the strategy with a “catch-up” strategy based on increasing the bet if you lose. Considering high quotations, especially at the beginning of the meeting of meetings, you can increase the next sum by 40-70%, keeping in mind the suggested quotations from bookmakers. The main aspect lies in the idea that after a won bet the judi slot terbaru should get a reward and compensate for all the previous bets.

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It is also essential to take into account the choice of football matches for your further bets. It is important to initially consider matches where scored goals are not expected at all. Here you should analyze the following points:

  • Average results of a national championship or tournament. No doubt it is more profitable to choose matches at a national championship where the majority of teams focus on defense playing. Having found a championship of this kind, you should look for a battle between teams with low results in the current season. Max rates should be 2 goals in a game but fewer goals are even better. These are the teams we should start from in further bets;
  • Motivation of both teams for the upcoming game. It is important to understand a potential development of the nearest match. For example, it is helpful to consider battles between two outsiders that hope for points only so they are unlikely to play in attack;
  • Presence and absence of key footballers in the team. It is important to have all key defensive players in the lineup. If the main forward is absent in one team, it will definitely be contibutional for their opponents. Thanks to the enlisted aspects, a bettor can easily find some suitable battles for further bets.

Betting on outsiders in a rematch

This strategy is applicable cup matches where teams meet twice to define the winner. As a rule, if at the first game the favourite reaches slashing victory making it impossible for the outsiders to proceed to the next stage, you should bet on the outsider at the second match.

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You should also pay special attention to this strategy if the outsider plays at home in front of their fans at the second battle. No doubt bookmakers will predict the same situation and will set an overvalued odds for favourite’s win. But in this case you should bet on the plus handicap of the outsider as the quotations for outsiders will drop with every passing day and eventually they will reach unprofitable values.

Let us also analyze another popular situation when the outsider wins the first meeting. As a rule, you should choose only home outsiders playing at the first battle. The favourite is unlikely to prepare for this battle. And a trip to another city or country will be unexpected for the club so it will influence the final score. It is enough to look at the results over the last few years in the playoff of Champions League or Europa League, and you will easily notice how outsiders reach the desired results at the first matches. However, at the rematch they have a little advantage, so they leave the tournament.