New Jersey Poker Formats and Variants

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No-Limit Texas Hold’em has been the game that’s synonymous with “poker” in most people’s minds since the late 1990s. However, there are many more ways to play poker than just that.

New Jersey Poker Formats and Variants

In fact, some of the alternatives, Pot-Limit Omaha in daftar judi kartu online particular, having been rising in popularity in recent years. That said, New Jersey poker sites tend to be a bit conservative in their offerings, both because the state’s modest popular is split between multiple operators, and because the market has been around long enough that players are a little more set in their ways. Still, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, including the following:

Cash games

This is the standard way to play poker. Players exchange cash for chips, play as many or as few hands as they like, then convert their chips back to cash when they stand up. There is a limit to how many chips the player can bring to the table at once, Daftar Bola Sbobet 100 big blinds.

Cash game tables come in various sizes. Once upon a time, tables for 9 or 10 players, known as full ring, were the most popular. Now, short handed play is gaining steam, and you may find more players at the six max tables than at full ring. Cash games are also known as ring games.

Scheduled tournaments

If you like betting on long shots, scheduled tournaments (aka multi-table tournaments or MTTs) are the format for you. Players pay a fixed buy-in and receive a certain number of chips in return. Tournament chips have no cash value but represent your life in the tournament. When you’re out of chips, you’re out of the game.

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All the money players pay in buy ins goes into a prize pool. At the end of the tournament, this is distributed based on the order in which players finish. Typically between 10% and 15% of the field will receive some sort of prize, but many of these amount to just twice the buy in or so. Conversely, the winner will get a sizable fraction of the pool, which can work out to an enormous amount of money in tournaments with a lot of players.

Sites have a weekly tournament schedule, with the biggest events usually taking place on Sundays. Most sites also periodically run major tournament series, with a higher density of tournaments and bigger prize guarantees than their normal schedule.

One popular MTT variant is the progressive knockout, or PKO. In these tournaments, each player has a bounty on their heads. When a player is elimianted, the player who took them out wins half their bounty in cash, while the other half is added to their own bounty. Thus, by the late stages of the tournament, the bounties can be getting very large indeed.

Sit-and-go tournaments

Somewhere in between a cash game and an MTT is a sit-and-go, or SNG. Structurally, these work just the same way as an MTT, only smaller. Rather than taking place at a fixed time, however, they run on demand as soon as enough players sit down to start. Once you bust out of an MTT, you’re finished until the next one starts, but with SNGs you can always fire up another right away.

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You’ll find single-table SNGs for nine, six or even just two players. Depending on the site, you may also find multi-table SNGs for larger numbers of players, sometimes up to 180. However, the bigger the SNG, the more time it will take to fill. On a small site, bigger SNGs or ones with large buy-ins may have a hard time finding enough players to start.

Lottery sit-and-go tournaments

One of poker’s most recent innovations is the lottery sit-and-go, or LSNG. Sites don’t call them this, however, but use their own trademarked name, like Spin & Go, Spins or BLAST.

These are tiny, high-speed SNGs for three or four players, depending on the site. The gimmick is that the prize pool is randomized. LSNGs are usually winner-take-all, but the prize will be a random multiple of the buy in, anywhere from just 2x up to the hundreds, thousands or more. PokerStars Spin & Go is the most popular LSNG format in the US, and has a top prize of 10,000x the buy in, though this only hits once in a million spins.