Playing Small and Medium Pairs for Value Poker Online

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The pros will tell you that small pairs carry a lot of value, especially if you can see a cheap flop. That’s why it’s good to call most of your low and medium pairs in late position to a single raise. If there has been a re-raise, it’s an easy decision: just fold. The beauty of seeing a cheap flop is that you can set-mine: call to see a flop and just continue if you’ve made your set. If not, simply check it down unless you’re facing a bet. In that, case, don’t be afraid to toss the hand away.

Playing Small and Medium Pairs for Value Poker Online

As you hit a set around 10-11% of the time, you need the correct odds to call. But you’ll need to look at implied odds to see if it’s worth making a call pre-flop. Look at the aggressor’s stack and see how many chips you could likely win if you make qq poker online terpercaya your set and win the hand. You’ll also need a good read on the opponent too.

If they are prone to only making pre-flop raises with premium hands like JJ-AA, that could play into your hands if you connect post-flop. Of course, moving all-in with a small or medium pair is essential if you are short-stacked. If you hold the lowest pair in poker, raise all-in in any position and hope to induce folds and steal the blinds, or get a single call and cross your fingers for a set.

How to Handle Big Pairs

Big pairs are perhaps the easiest poker hand to play in poker. You want to know how to play pocket kings or pocket aces? Easy – simply raise pre-flop from any position, or 3-bet if facing another raise. The great thing about big pairs is that you will often be ahead on the flop. Even in a multiway pot versus several opponents, your pocket queens may be good on a 9-7-2 flop.

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Don’t be afraid to slow right down if a tricky turn card comes, though. Let’s say a 6 arrives on this board. It opens up a gutshot straight draw, a possible set or two pair, or even a flush. Over-pairs can win you a lot of money in poker, but don’t be afraid to fold and dust yourself off for the next battle.

Play Pocket Pairs at the Best Online Poker Sites

Pocket pairs might be the prettiest hands in poker, but they can get you into trouble if you don’t play them the right way. You’ll find reviews on the very best online poker sites right here at Put your new-found knowledge into practice by opening an account and playing today. You can even claim a welcome bonus when you join up and earn free cash or tournament entries.