Poker Strategy: The Fake Tell

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With over 80% of our communication being non-verbal it is important for the poker player to understand that players are constantly offering clues about their hand strength. Body language poker tells are everywhere. As observant poker players, we can and should use this information to our advantage.

Poker Strategy: The Fake Tell

Building your observation skills to notice the things that swing the pendulum in your favour and supercharge your daftar idnplay pagcor playing abilities. Learning good poker strategy is essential to becoming a poker expert but becoming a skilled poker tell detective can take your game to the next level.

Know What a Tell Is and How to Identify One

When a player, either consciously or not, gives information about their hand in a consistent way this is known as a ‘tell’. In live poker there are a number of common poker tells to be aware of. Here is a list of a few of the most common poker tells.

  • Covering hole cards with a chip only when strong before it is their turn to act.
  • Acting impatiently. This usually indicates strength.
  • Suddenly appearing fearless, even in pressure situations.
  • Bet sizing changes.
  • Changes in breathing patterns or physical actions, e.g. suddenly becoming very still.
  • Voice changes, including gulping and swallowing.

It is not always immediately clear what a tell means. Only by observing your opponents can you make that distinction so remain flexible before concluding a tell is valid. One instance where you spot something is not necessarily a tell you can rely on. The key point is to always be watching and assessing your opponents for clues. Also remember not to overly rely on tells, this is a mistake many poker players make and live to regret.

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Online poker tells are a little harder to identify and obviously it is not possible to pick up on physical tells but bet sizing tells are among the most common online poker tells. Many players play multiple tables and play a very basic ABC style of poker and they do not care that they have these tells. They bank on their small edge and play high volume to make up for spots where they can be exploited. So keep your eyes open for easy opportunities, even against professional poker players.

Before we get too carried away and think we have discovered poker’s silver bullet, remember that information can also be used to deceive you. This is known as a ‘fake tell’.