Profitable Adjustments to Make For Fast-Fold Online Poker

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Keep reading for simple fast-fold poker strategy tips that you can easily incorporate into your next playing session to maximize your profits.

Greatly Increase Your Blind Steals in fast-fold Poker

It’s virtually impossible to pick up specific reads and tendencies of other players in fast-fold situs judi terpercaya. The fact that your opponents change with every hand and that you have no time to jot down player notes prevents player familiarity. Use this anonymity to your advantage whenever you’re in late position.

The other players have no idea that you’ve stolen the blinds with 6-2 for 5 consecutive hands on the blinds. At a traditional cash game table your opponents will easily see through your blind-stealing attempts and come back over the top of you after a while.

In fast-fold poker, even if the blinds suspect you’re on a pure steal just about everyone’s fast-fold poker strategy is to wait for quality hands in proper position. With another hand (or 5) just split seconds away why bother to contest the blinds? In fast-fold it’s unusually easy to rob the blinds.

1. Lightning-paced blinds in fast-fold

With the blinds hitting you so much faster and you likely folding almost all of your hands it’s essential to recoup that cost. My fast-fold poker strategy is to raise 80-90% of the time from the last 2-3 positions when no one has entered the pot, including on typically-loose USA sites like Ignition Poker.

Conversely, you can increase your re-steals of raised pots from the button or blinds to pick up some extra bets against other players trying the same thing.


2. Don’t Waste Your Energy on Advanced Plays

The majority of fast-fold poker strategy centers around the relative anonymity inherent to making decisions in situs judi bola terbesar seconds and being whisked away to a new table full of different players.

Strategy for standard cash games dictates that you should:

  • Mix up your betting patterns
  • Throw in the occasional bluff
  • Trap aggressive players with check-raises or reraises
  • Make other creative plays to keep your opponents from predicting your game.

Your fast-fold poker strategy can toss these opponent-specific strategy out the window. Why traditional strategy doesn’t matter

Hands go by too quickly and your opponents change so frequently that no one is going to know that you always raise 3x the big blind with pocket Aces from early position. You won’t know who has been trying to run over the table and no one will notice that you haven’t pulled off a big bluff since 2007.

This game type removes the human element from play and the necessity of advanced plays is also removed. Focus on making good decisions based on the limited information available rather than worrying about mixing up your game.

3. Gain Information from Opponents Using Fast-fold

Fast-fold poker strategy is all about seeing as many profitable hands as possible in the shortest amount of time. This is accomplished by the fast-fold button, which tells the software to automatically fold your hand when it’s your turn while you’re immediately whisked away to a new table.

Perceptive players can also use this tidbit to gain additional pre-flop information. There’s a reason players haven’t already used the fast-fold option

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While late position and small-blind players may have simply been waiting to see if everyone folded so they could attempt a blind steal once they do stay in a pot (especially if it’s raised) it’s much more clear-cut that they have a legitimate starting hand themselves.

The same could be said for standard cash games, but players tend to be much tighter with their fast-fold poker strategy due to the fact that they might only have to wait a minute or two for a quality starting hand as opposed to 10 or 20 in a standard game.

4. Adjust to the Increasing Tightness of Fast-fold

As much as we don’t care to admit it frustration, boredom, and revenge (really, tilt, in other words) absolutely contributes to the looseness of standard cash games. While you certainly can get lucky in fast-fold poker and run into a tilted player it’s much more common to run into the same tight-aggressive players as yourself.

To start with, understand that the average starting hand value goes up. Everyone knows that another hand is just a second away so they wait until they have a better hand, on average, than they might at a standard cash game.

Additionally, if you’re used to just betting and betting with pot-sized bets when you have a strong hand post-flop you might wish to alter that for your fast-fold poker strategy.

5. Position and Starting Hands Become Even More Crucial

Just about every poker player understands the massive value position and starting hand strength have in No-Limit Hold’em. Combined with knowledge of your opponents’ tendencies, your image at the table, and the flow of the game you can make reasonably well-informed decisions at standard tables.

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You can throw out that last sentence in fast-fold poker strategy where you can’t establish a player image or stick with the same players long enough to learn their habits. In fast-fold poker position and starting hand strength are some of the only keys you can use to gain an advantage. Smart pre-flop play is essential

In standard games you might be a bit more lax on playing out of position or waiting for premium cards if you know you’ll outplay the rest of the table post-flop.

If your fast-fold poker strategy includes habitually playing poor starting hands out of position you’re simply putting yourself at a disadvantage for the rest of the hand against unknown opponents. You’ll also be faced with difficult decisions that slow down your game.