Secret Sports Betting Tips Trusted

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While cheating on your girlfriend or spouse is never a good idea, it’s okay to ‘cheat’ on your sportsbook by shopping around to look at multiple sportsbooks and not simply play with one book.

Secret Sports Betting Tips Trusted

Okay, okay, so you’re not necessarily ‘cheating’ on anyone, but you get the idea. By using more than one sportsbook, you’re going to increase your chances of getting more favorable odds than if you were to just betting with one book.

Look for Reasons Against Your Picks

While everyone is always looking agen sbobet terpercaya for reasons to back up their betting selections, one of the best things you can do as an online sports betting enthusiast is to look for reasons why your particular picks won’t cash in! By using this strategy you can highlight several of the reasons why your pick may not play out the way you anticipate. Simply put,, if you find more reasons to go against your pick, you probably should – and you’ll avoid some optimism bias at the very least.

Fewer Picks Not More

One of the first things I learned about the sports betting industry and one of the age-old tips you need to live by is that, when things aren’t going well, you need to make fewer choices, not more. One of the oldest mistakes that any sports betting enthusiast can make is to compound a few losses with more bankroll-draining losses in an effort to recoup the money that you initially lost.

As every good handicapper knows, the key to being really successful is to make fewer, but finer and smarter, choices. Stick to your two or three best picks as opposed to dropping money on 10 games every week. Of course, if you’re on fire and you’re really ‘feeling it’ then by all means, go ahead and ride that winning streak until you can’t ride it any more. However, be forewarned, winning streaks can go the other way faster than a Blake Daftar Agen Judi Bola pick-six.

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Forget the Spread, Look for the SU Winner

Forget the point spread NFL betting buffs! Over a decade-long period from 2004-2014, the outright winner of every NFL game covered the spread 84.1 percent of the time! Oh, by the way, favorites went 1283-1210-67 ATS over the same span which is an eerie 49.5%.

Home Dogs Have Bite

Looks for home underdogs with something to prove people – they can be quite profitable if you didn’t know beforehand. Home underdogs generally have something to play for against their favored visitors, not to mention the fact that they’ll be fueled by their raucous home fans. If a home underdog isn’t completely overmatched by a far superior opponent, then it’s probably a good idea to back that home dog to jump up and bite their opponent for a bankroll-boosting win.

Do the Three-Year thing

Forget one year trends or even two years. To really identify teams that have been consistent ATS winners, over, let’s say, the last three seasons. While you will need to account for roster losses and additions and other similar factors, if you can find consistent ATS winning franchises, then you’re going to be much better off heading into the 2017 regular season.

For instance, did you know that Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are the only team in the NFL to finish inside the top nine in ATS victories in each of the last three seasons? Did you know that Pittsburgh has finished with a winning ATS mark in three straight seasons or that Washington finished inside the Top 10 in each of the last two years? In addition to that, you should know the Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys have all finished inside the Top 9 in the ATS standings in two of the last three seasons.

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