Simplifying table selection in online poker

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Moreover, the presence of a position in poker affects the win rate as much as the presence of inexperienced opponents. It’s easiest to play against an inept opponent to your right – postflop you always make decisions after him. If he sits to your left, the advantage will be minimal. Indeed, superiority in skill can be realized out of position, but it will be lower. Other participants will have more opportunities to isolate a weak opponent. This is how table selection in online poker works.

Simplifying table selection in online poker

If you have a large hand base, you can use a program that will find the best tables for the game itself. To find weak opponents, the program uses the database poker pake pulsa of hands collected through Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker. Several popular utilities for easy poker selection:

Magic Seat

Script for automatic landing to weak opponents, supporting 888poker, and MPN, Chico, WPN networks.
TableScanner (built into HM2). One of the most popular selection tools. It allows you to set rules for selecting the best opponents from your hand base and hooking up to them.

Smart Table Scanner

Powerful program for selection at Intertops Poker tables and iPoker rooms. The creators are announcing support for PokerStars, Chico, Pokerdom, and WPN in the future.

Smart Table Scanner Window

The policy of most rooms is focused on the protection of recreational players, and Situs Judi Online Bola programs may be prohibited on some online poker sites in the USA. It so happens that they are not included in the official list of prohibited software. However, the security service requires them to be abandoned on an individual basis. Therefore, it is better to clarify the permissibility of using a specific program in the support service.

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To sum it up

We hope that some of the methods we have outlined above will help you improve your search for weak players and take better places. Indeed, ignoring the table selection these days is a very serious mistake. Moreover, you should spend roughly 50% of your poker time looking for bad players and places to their left. You can know all the latest trends, better poker strategies, great reading opponents, and so on. Against thinking opponents, all of this will only help you raise your win rate a little. You can no longer break the game with crazy profits at limits above nl10 if you are not preoccupied with the idea of ​​finding bad players and playing with them most of your time.

Many stubborn and ignorant players deny the fundamental law of poker. However, you cannot create high win rates against players who don’t make many blunders. Yes, of course, if you can balance the game perfectly against every opponent in every situation, then you can win without a table selection in online poker. Do you believe that? We don’t. The real money in this game will always be made against very bad players. Thus, learn about Online Poker Tendencies 2021 and make real money in Intertops Poker.