Sportstrade Brings You A Beginners Guide To Soccer Betting

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Soccer betting has gained traction among soccer lovers due to countries legalizing it in their areas of jurisdiction. With the introduction of a fair gambling law and practices framework, the bettors have started getting better chances to win.

Sportstrade Brings You A Beginners Guide To Soccer Betting

If you have a thorough knowledge of soccer games and want to monetize your expertise through betting, you must know a few essential things. We discuss those essentialities for a football betting beginner here through some frequently asked questions.

Which Bets Are The Easiest To Win?

Any bet that does not require you to predict an exact agen judi bola or a match result is more comfortable to win. As a beginner, you should research sincerely and in a detailed manner. While going through various betting markets, you will find specific bets which can be won quickly, such as:

  • BTTS: Both teams to score bet means you bet whether the teams will achieve any goal or not. Since you are not predicting any specific number of goals, this bet is easier to play.
  • Over/Under Half-time/full-time: In this bet, the sites select a number, say 2. You bet whether, in half-time, the number of goals scored will be more or less than two. The same goes for the full-time too. You are merely predicting whether the total goals will be over or under the said number, making the situation relatively easy to guess.
  • Double Chance: In double chance, you can bet on two from three possible outcomes, which are: Home win or draw, home win or away win, away win or draw.
  • 1X2 betting: In addition to soccer betting on a full match situs judi bola terbesar in favor of either team, you can place money on the possibility of a draw too.
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How To Select A Bookmaker For Placing Bets?

Bettors can these days place bets from anywhere by registering with online bookmakers. However, not all online bookmakers are worth your dime. One of the easy tips for selecting a reliable bookmaker is registering with the soccer tipster sites that recommend a few good betting sites of their choice. If searching on your own, you can pay attention to:

  • Number of years in business
  • Types of betting markets offered
  • Which football tournaments it covers
  • Price of odds
  • Promotion deals like welcome bonuses, free bets
  • Withdrawal requirements
  • Site security solutions adopted
  • Association with Fair Gambling Authority

All these pointers can help you have a better betting experience. You can select 2-3 of such sites having the features mentioned above. Having more than one betting site in hand can fetch you the best quotes always, and you have access to wider market choices.

What Should You Know About A Football Match Before Betting?

For ages, bettors have been speculating about a football match’s winner or loser and making money from their correct guesses. With newer technological interventions, soccer betting has become more sophisticated, and speculators can even bet on an ongoing match. As a betting beginner, you must explore the following facts about a football match:

  • Is it a home or away match for your favorite team?
  • How does your favorite team fare in home and away matches?
  • Are key players included in the team, or are they injured or facing any ban?
  • What are the weather conditions at the match’s site?
  • What is the performance record of players?
  • Does the team defend or attack strongly?
  • Are there any managerial changes in the club?
  • Are players well-tuned with their coach and club manager?
  • Is the team famous for scoring late to very late goals?
  • What is the overall playing style of both teams?
  • History or team rivalry
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All these points of research can help bettors make various correct predictions about the match.

How To Bet To Score A Win Every Time?

A win is a tremendous psychological booster for a betting beginner. You must have come across several guides that tell how to score a win each time you bet. Though it may sound fascinating, you should always be prepared for a loss. To increase the chances of winning a soccer bet and to mitigate losses, try these proven strategies:

  • Learn to read the statistics and their inferences. You can know a great deal about an upcoming match’s possible outcome by referring to the previous records.
  • Bet for a strong team: The bookmakers decide a favorite before the tournament commences. Go mostly for safer propositions, add situation analysis to records’ analysis, and then decide whether to go for the bet or not.
  • Understand what an odd implies: If any odd reads 2/1 for Team A winning against Team B, it means that team B is stronger. Some of the betting sites present stronger and weaker teams as ‘-’ and ‘+’ signs in odd too.
  • Look for the most competitive or low-price odds: Mostly, the odds on the confirmed bets are priced low. Thus, the chances of winning a low-price odd are comparatively high.
  • Always bet sober and maintain financial discipline: Bet only when you are the best of your reasoning abilities. And ensure that you are not betting out of impulse or desperation. Stick to a betting budget.

Which Are The Most Popular Bets That Beginners Can Understand Easily?

Beginners can go for safer bets, as mentioned above. Also, if they are confident of their research, they can predict:

  • Match result: Who will win the match?
  • Draw No Bet: Bet stands canceled if the match ends in a draw.
  • Half-time/Full-time: Home win, away win or draw can be predicted for the first and second half in this bet.
  • Player props: Newer markets are made competitive in betting. Player props like the number of goals scored, shot at a target, etc., are easier to understand bets. All you need is a thorough following of the player and their playing style.
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As a beginner, it is essential to look for tournaments for which the data is readily available. Also, those tournaments should have lots of betting opportunities. To make the best of all possibilities, always have access to 3-4 betting sites simultaneously. You may find better deals, free bets, and other advantages, helping you strengthen your base as a beginner.