Table Selection in Online Poker Trusted

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Some poker players are good, others are not. Which one would you rather see as your opponent in a money game? The answer seems obvious. However, many players do not attach importance to this question. They are ready to challenge any opponent and are confident that they can outplay him. Indeed, there are not so few strong rivals, and they do not like to share money.

Table Selection in Online Poker Trusted

Therefore, the choice of tables for the game is a must for a player who approaches poker professionally. In this case, the more weak opponents at the tables, the greater the winning distance. In this article, you will learn useful tips for table selection in online poker and understand how to play profitable compositions more often.

Why is it important to look for good tables?

Weak opponents automatically increase your winnings. Thus, time and effort at the table are spent more efficiently. Of course, you can choose places at random and constantly play against the regulars. Or you can take the time to find a weak action and raise your win rate by 2-3 big blinds per 100 hands. However, it makes sense to play judi poker online terpercaya without selecting only at micro stakes. There are always a lot of hobby players here. Therefore, regulars are not a big problem for a trained poker player yet. Nevertheless, we can still justify the search for the best options here.

At medium and high limits, most of the opponents are regulars. They are well prepared, so it is difficult and almost pointless to compete with them. Indeed, you won’t have a serious skill advantage Daftar Judi Online Bola them. This will lead to the following situation:

  • It’s hard to show a solid win rate;
  • Due to the reduced win rate, variance fluctuations increase;
  • For a good win, you have to play long distances;
  • The drop in concentration during the game is instantly punished.
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As a result, you run the risk of plunging into a war against the regulars. Only the room always wins in it – after all, it will receive the maximum rake. Having 1-2 weak players significantly changes the game dynamics in your favor. It is still important here to show A-play, extract value, and fight regulars when circumstances warrant. However, the advantage over the field becomes more noticeable, and the win rate is higher. This is why table selection in online poker is so important in online poker sites in the USA.

Table selection in online poker: How do you find a good table?

The best table is the one at which you have the most advantage over your opponents. You don’t have to be superior. Thus, a game with three strong grinders and two recreational players offers good winning prospects. However, playing with five weak regulars is usually considered unprofitable. Below we list the basic points that you need to pay attention to to win more at poker.

Reference. Most of the advice here is geared towards cash players. However, some of the tips apply to single tables as well. Looking at the table statistics. Many poker rooms show general statistics already in the lobby. In order not to sit down, to assess the dynamics at the table, the main indicators are displayed in the lobby:

  • Average Pot. The larger the bet, the higher the likelihood that there is a maniac in the game or a few weak players who are ready to call a lot post-flop.
  • The average number of players on the flop (Players / Flop). Strong opponents play relatively tight. Therefore, the higher this indicator, the greater the chance of seeing hobby players.
  • Average game speed – the number of hands per hour (Hand per Hour, H / hr). However, the listed characteristics do not reflect the exact picture and depend on third-party factors. For example, a large average bank or high Plus / Flop can cause multiple coolers in a row. Learn How to make a million in online poker and make real money in Intertops Poker.
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Additional factors

Indeed, the number of hands per hour is always high at short and incomplete tables. And if the game started only a couple of hands ago, the number remains high by inertia. Besides, it is important to mark good opponents for future victories during the game. The next time you will immediately see your opponent in the table preview. It is impossible to remember all weak players by nicknames, and color marks will simplify your selection. The simplest markings can provide for the division of enemies into two types: strong and weak. Additionally, the former can be marked in red and the latter in green. Advanced labeling distinguishes several categories of opponents: strong, zero, or negative regulars, answering machines, maniacs, nits.