The Rise and Rise of Mobile Poker Apps

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Two decades ago, smartphones were not that popular. And mobile gaming was simply nonexistent. During the early 2000s, online poker’s popularity rose tremendously during the poker boom. As a result, to satisfy the ever-increasing demand, poker rooms were mushrooming everywhere, with market leaders such as dewa poker 99 qq leading the way. By the end of the poker boom, smartphones were becoming increasingly popular which created a demand for mobile poker.

The Rise and Rise of Mobile Poker Apps

Initially, online poker only catered for cash game players, leaving social players stranded. Since recreational players belonged to a totally new and different demographic, major brands had to find a way to accommodate them. And hence mobile poker apps were born.

Mobile poker apps were an instant hit and their popularity continues to soar to date. Zynga poker was arguably the most successful poker app a decade ago. After its release in 2007, Zynga Poker built a large following and by 2011, it already had 38 million players.

Following the success of Zynga Poker, several other social poker apps joined the fray. Even though most of them were instant successes, some of them fell along the way. However, titans such as PokerStars, Zynga Poker, and WSOP still exist to this very day.

Mobile poker apps: Play money

At the onset of mobile poker, the gameplay was purely recreational. To recreate the live poker experience, players were offered play money running to thousands of dollars. Just like in real poker, players could use the play money to build their virtual Slot Online Terpercaya. Obviously, the money was not withdrawable.

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Nowadays, mobile poker is a blend of recreational and profitable aspects. With some poker apps such as PokerBros, players can choose whether to play for fun, incurring zero profit or loss, or grind in private tables for a chance to make some money.

It’s imperative to note that whenever a player runs out of play money, he/she can instantly replenish by buying virtual currency or waiting for more free chips after a given period.

The next generation of mobile poker apps

As aforementioned, poker apps were primarily invented to cater to recreational poker players. However, poker apps have since evolved to include real money cash games, raising the stakes even further.

Almost all popular poker apps in existence today offer an alternative to recreational poker. They offer both play money and real money platforms.

However, some poker apps have taken the initiative to decentralize poker even further. Poker apps such Upoker, PokerBros, and PPPoker allow players to create their own private clubs. Owners of private clubs create their own rules including preferred deposit methods and the value of chips.