Understanding Over Under Soccer Gambling

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Of all the types of soccer betting markets available on the sbobet gambling site, every bettor must first get to know all the types of bets that exist in online soccer gambling. By understanding several types of markets, players can win and succeed in playing online soccer betting games. One type of soccer bet that many bettors favor in playing soccer gambling is the over under bet. To be able to understand easily if you later play over under on the online soccer gambling agent site sbobet, then you can know in advance the meaning of over under and the mechanism for how to play over under itself.

Get to know the meaning of over under in online soccer betting games

Over under soccer betting judi slot bet murah is a type of soccer gambling bet that is arguably the way to play it is easier to run and easier to understand than other soccer betting markets. The reason is, if you play the over under market bet, you will only be required to choose or determine between options whether the ball is over or under. If the bet is over, it means that the goals scored exceed or exceed the odds that the bookie has opened. Meanwhile, if the bet is declared under if the goals scored are below the odds that the bookie opened.

Playing over under market soccer gambling is said to be easy to understand because players only need to guess the number of goals whether the ball is over / under without bothering to think about the performance or quality of the soccer team in certain matches. To make it easier to win playing online soccer gambling with this over under market ball, then you can also see an example which we will describe below.

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The mechanism for playing soccer betting betting is over under

In the over under bet, the total goals are the reference in the match between the two playing teams. So, the essence of this over under, every player or bettor only needs to guess the number of goals with the total goals, whether it will be above the market that the bookie has opened, or vice versa, the total score of goals is below the market that the bookie site has opened and provided. The player will be declared the winner if he chooses to bet on over, then the match score from the number of goals presented at the end of the match will be above the odds value. Likewise, if you choose to bet on under and the goal score from the match is below the bookie opening odds, the player can win by guessing correctly. However, the player will lose if the estimated total goal or score at the end of the match does not match the odds opened by the dealer agent.

In addition, bettors can also take part in this over under game by only taking part in half time (half time) or full time, depending on the bettor’s choice. But certainly, it is highly recommended for bettors to play this over under soccer gambling game by joining a sbobet agent that provides fairplay bets without the slightest bit of cheating in them.

The method of calculation in the over under type soccer betting game

To easily understand this over or under bet in soccer gambling, of course every bettor will be easier to understand when illustrated with an example. Therefore, we will provide some examples of how to calculate the over under type soccer betting provided by the sbobet agent. As an example, if the match between Napoli vs Udinese is on the 2.5 market, then the final score of the match is 1 2 balls, automatically the game that wins is over because it exceeds the 2.5 market 2-1. Then, if the final score of the match is 1- 1, over will lose and under win.

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In addition, in over under there can also be a draw match, which means that neither losers nor wins. Of course this happens when the number of goals from the competing team matches the odds available. For example, if the opening odds are at 2 goals and ends in a 1-1 draw, from the 2 goal balls the player who chooses under or over can win 1/2 of the betting capital. If illustrated by an example of opening odds at 2 1/4 balls and ending with 2-1.

From the example above, we can conclude that if a match is at odds of 2.5, as much as possible the team we choose must win with a 3 4 ball advantage. At least no less than 3 balls. Less than 2.5, the bettor will automatically lose if he selects the over bet. Unless the odds market is opened by the dealer 1 1/2, 1 1.5 or under 2 in the match, the player who chooses over will win on condition that the score is 2, 3, 4 balls and so on. Another example, if the odds are 2, 3, 4 or even more, automatically do not choose under, because it is certain that the number of goals will not exceed 3 goals. Unless the team you choose is a big team and against a weak team, then the possibility of 3 goals will be created, and of these 3 goals can make you win by choosing the over bet.

Tips and tricks for winning in playing over under gambling

Winning is definitely desirable and the goal of the bettor when playing over (O) / Under (U) ball bets. Therefore, to be able to win this O / U bet, of course the bettor must know the winning tips first. And here we provide some of the best tips and tricks for playing over or under market soccer gambling to win, including:

  • Play the top down party
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In the o / u bet there is such a thing as a top-down party. The purpose of the party above and below is a match that brings together the two clubs, each of which has an upper and lower rank. The votes for this game are usually large for full-time matches with a score of up to 1.5 or more. By playing the top party below, there is certainly a very large chance of victory, especially the club that gives fur the dealer has relied on to win in that match.

  • Select over

When you want to play soccer gambling o / u, over is always recommended by professional gamblers. That is because knowing the direction of play of the two teams is very likely to score goals in the first half or the first 45 minutes. So from that this trick can be said to direct you to determine matches where the percentage of goals is greater than you have to play under.