Winning Betting Online Sportbook Systems In Invictus Method

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We decided to include in our winning betting systems one developed on our own, so to have a betting system which allows us to diversify the risk for a huge budget.

This makes the Invictus method a sort of money management system with a smaller but sure profit, which is what bigger investors prefer. Of course, it can already be found in our Bet System.

Winning Betting Online Sportbook Systems In Invictus Method

First, a premise: this betting agen bola terpercaya system is most effective with an elevated budget, at least 200€, and can also work for a smaller budget, but with some operating constraints. The aim of this method is to realize a net profit equal to 50% of the budget. Thus, given a 200€ initial budget this progression will generate a profit of 100€, with a final budget of 300€.

We strongly recommend you to keep this proportion fixed, since the Invictus method perfectly works in this manner. These premises made, we can proceed explaining you the Invictus method.

This system can be applied to win parlays of whatever sport or tournament, as it is not based on a particular bet and, instead, relies on a great money management and on the odd. The Invictus method is made out of multiple steps that take into account the player’s balance throughout the progression. Thus, there will be different typologies of bets depending on whether the balance shows a net profit or suffered sbobetasia login.

Let’s analyze these steps in detail before giving some practical examples.

  • If our net loss equals to an amount between 99% and 26% of the budget, Bet 50 is applied, which means that a fifth of the initial budget is bet on a parlay (with a maximum of 3 events) with a total odd between 2,00 and 2,50
  • If our net loss equals to an amount between 25% and 11% of the budget, Bet 100 is applied, which is a parlay (with a maximum of 2 events) with a total odd between 1,50 and 1,70 that allows us to win the necessary amount to get to a balanced budget (when the amount invested is exactly equal to the gains). Here the amount of the stake is defined by the system, so that, when multiplied by the odd, results in the desired profit.
  • If we are losing or or winning an amount between -10% and 10% of the budget, which means that we are close to the balance between gains and money invested, Bet 10 is applied, thus a parlay is made with a total odd between 1,40 and 1,60 that allows us to win an amount equal to 10% of our initial budget. In this case too, the stake is deduced from the system to obtain the desired gain.
  • If our net profit is greater than 10% of the budget, Bet Runner is applied. This type of bet consists in two different parlays: the first with an odd around 1,50 (usually a single bet), whose stake will be 10% of the initial budget; the second one with an odd between 2,90 and 3,20 (with a maximum of 3 events), whose stake is 5% of the initial budget. Bet Runner allows for 3 possible events: losing both parlays, which wipes out 15% of our initial budget; winning just one parlay won’t make us win nor lose anything; lastly, by winning both parlays we make a profit equal to 15% of the initial budget.
  • If we have realized gains and the difference between our balance (initial budget + net profit) and the objective of the progression in lower than 5%, Bet Goal is applied, which is a parlay (generally a single bet) with an odd between 1,20 and 1,40 that allows us to win the remaining amount to close the progression. In this case too, the stake is defined by the system.
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As you can see, this method can be really difficult and is strongly advised against amateur betters, unless you rely on our Bet System, the first and only technology that generates progressions and makes it possible to win every bet. Our Bet System will suggest you parlays every day with the right stake to keep the progression going. Here you can try it for free.

In our opinion, this is one of the best winning betting sportbook systems, even though it can be difficult to precisely follow the progression and make the right bets. But don’t worry, we have the solution for you: Invictus, the technology that helps you cash-in! Invictus is the first algorithm that gives you scientific betting tips based on the analysis of over 100.000 tipsters’ bets all over the world.